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Fix FaceTime, other app Icons Missing in iPhone 6, iPhone 5, 4 After Jailbreak, Updates

by Fahad Saleem

FaceTime is a great built in app by Apple which comes in its iPhone and iPads. FaceTime lets users to video chat in an easy and fast way. But some of iPhone users have reported missing FaceTime icon in iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and other version after getting an update or doing a jailbreak. This article shows you how to fix no iPhone FaceTime icon or button after jailbreak as well as gives you a fix to solve missing apps icons for all other apps apart from FaceTime. Let’s get started.

Fix no iPhone FaceTime icon or other app icons

Enable FaceTime

First things first. Just make sure to enable the FaceTime from settings. There are many users who were able to get FaceTime icon with this simple trick.

Launch Settings in your iPhone and go to the FaceTime section and make sure it is enabled.

facetime icon missing 1

Disable Restrictions

Some of the users face difficulty in running FaceTime and find the icon for it in their devices because of their location. This is because of the fact that FaceTime does not open in many countries. Here is how to lift restrictions.

Launch Settings and go to the General tab and then head over to the “Restrictions” tab.

Under the “Allow” tab, make sure that the toggle button for FaceTime is turned ON.


Go to Restrictions and tap on “Enable Restrictions”. This is especially true of the iPhone 4 users.

Now, turn the FaceTime restriction to ON.

Now select “Disable Restrictions”

Now go to the Settings and tap on “Phone” and you will see the FaceTime icon. You can tap it ON.



Enable FaceTime for Calls

Some users reported that they do not see FaceTime icon during calls. For this, you will have to enable FaceTime for calls. Just go to the “Phone” section in the settings of your iPhone and turn on the FaceTime.

Reset Settings

Doing a complete reset of settings also fix no iPhone FaceTime icon or button after jailbreak. For doing that just go to the Settings and head over to reset and then tap Reset All Settings.

Using Spotlight Search

Spotlight search is the most powerful native search tool of iPhone. It could mine out the remotest apps and software which may not be visible to you in the form of an icon for various reasons. In order to fix FaceTime icon missing in iPhone 6, or iPhone 5 and 4, just draw down the Spotlight search box by swiping down on the middle screen and type “FaceTime” in the search box and see if FaceTime comes in the results. If it does, launch it and make calls.

Fixing the Problem from Usage Settings: Fix to Show All Missing App Icons in iPhone

There is another way to show all the missing icons in iPhone after jailbreak or update. This trick takes a little bit of time depending upon the number of missing icons of apps installed in your phone, but it works like a charm.

Go to Settings-> General-> Usage. Here, you will see the list of apps. If you are facing no FaceTime icon or apps icons missing, you will see that many apps do not have their names shown in the list. Some apps may have their logos missing.

facetim icon missing 2

Just tap on the app for which the logo or name is missing. You will see a new Window. You just have to go back by pressing the “Usage” button and tap on the next app. Keep tapping on the app names. Don’t delete the app or anything, just keep tapping the apps in the list which have their names missing.

facetime icon missing 3

After the list is complete and you have tapped all the apps, restart the device or “Respring” the iPhone by going to the Siri Settings. You will see the Apple logo and once the device gets started, all the app icons including the FaceTime icon will be there on your apps list.

facetime icon missing 4

Restore Factory

The last resort to fix no FaceTime icon in iPhone after jailbreak or update is doing a restore. This would delete your contacts and data, but you can avoid that using a backup. Just connect your iPhone with your computer and then click on “Restore” in iTunes, then choose “setup as  new phone.”

This is how to fix no iPhone FaceTime icon or button after jailbreak. You can apply above methods to fix apps icons missing in iPhone 6, 5, iPhone 4 and other versions. If you face any problem while doing the steps given in the article, comment on this post and we will get back to you.

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