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Fix Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Phones Not Charging But Shows Dock Connected and Charging

by Fahad Saleem

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a great phablet used by millions of people around the world. But there are a few hiccups in this phone which keep annoying users. One such problem is that Note 3 keeps saying that it is connected to the dock, or showing that it is charging, whereas, in reality, it is not connected to the dock, nor it is charging. This is a crucial issue as it creates hurdles in the process of charging the phone. A lot of people are facing this problem, so we thought to give a way to fix Note 3 not charging, connected to Dock problem. Let’s dig deeper to find out the possible solutions. Many other Samsung phones are facing these issues, so you can apply the below-mentioned solutions to any other galaxy phone and fix no charging problem.

Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Phones Not Charing But Shows is Connected

Clean the Oxydides

There is a very simple solution to solve this issue. Chargers and ports get dirt and especially a material called “oxydide”. You should clean the port or cable opening with a tooth brush, cloth or a pin with tissue and then try charging. Believe me, many people have succeeded in fixing charging issue with this solution.

Or you can try another method. Turn off your phone and remove the battery physically out of the phone.  Now you must take an old or spare connecting cable and take out the exterior plug of the cable (the thing that goes into the phone port). When you take out the connector, you will see that there are four metals cord-like lines.

note 3 charging 1You should clean these metal opening with a cloth and remove all the dirt from them. If you do not want to tear out the connector, you can clean the connector with a pin or a pointed body. After the connectors are clean, just put the battery inside and then start charging again. You will see that phone will start charging easily. You can watch this method in this video :

Change Cable

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not charging problem stems from  a bad cable, in most of the cases. Instead of facing headwinds in different solutions, you should try plugging your charger with another cable from a friend of a family member. If connected to dock still not charging problem is fixed with a new cable, this means the problem is in the cable. You can request your mobile vendor to replace the cable or buy a new one.

Do Not Use USB3.0

Many users are using USB 3.0 cable for charging. This cable is the culprit. You must use a normal/micro USB cable for charging. Many users were able to fix problems by sticking to the normal cable.

Clear Cache Partition

First, turn off your Note 3 and then hold the volume up, home and power button all together. You will see a menu or logo pop-up. When it does, just let go of the power button and use the volume up and down keys to reach the “clear cache partition” option and use the power button to select the option.

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