Fix Galaxy Note 5 Wifi Keeps Turning Off, Disconneting and Other Wifi Problems [Guide]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a great device to own, but there have been some Wifi problems with this phone lately. Many people say that Wifi keeps disconnecting in Galaxy Note 5. In this article we will fix Galaxy Note 5 Wifi disconnecting and other related issues. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and higher phones demand a strong signal reception and a slight disturbance could cause them to disconnect. Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection throughout your premises. You can also buy signal boosters for Wifi and install them in your home and office if you want persistent internet connection.

Fix Galaxy Note 5 Wifi Keeps Turning Off

1- Wiping off the cache in Note 5 has worked to fix Wifi problems in Note 5. Here is how to do it.

Turn off your phone and press and hold the Power button, volume up and home button at the same time. Only release the buttons when you see the Samsung Logo. You will also see a recovery screen. Now use the volume buttons to scroll down the list and select the Wipe Cache partition and select it using Power button. You will see the notification at the bottom telling you that the cache has been wiped. Now use the Reboot System Now option to restart.

2- Make sure your Wifi is turned off. Now launch settings and click on More and then click on Smart Networks Switch. This option should be turned off. This feature keeps switching networks based on their speeds and try to connect to better ones, which could result in instability.

3- Long press the network with which you are connected to and tap on ‘Forget’ and then restart your phone. Now connect to the connection again and inset the password and connect with the Wifi again. Wifi keeps disconnecting problem in Galaxy Note 5 will be fixed.

4- You should delete any third party security apps if you have in your phone. For example, if you have MacAfee antivirus or firewalls, you should delete them. These apps hinder the connections.

5- You should also turn off your network router and then wait for a minute and then turn them on. After turning your router on, try connecting your phone with the internet and hopefully, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wifi won’t connect problem will be fixed.

6- Factory resetting your Galaxy Note 5 is also a great option to fix Wifi issues. Here is how to do it:

Launch settings and then go to Backup and Reset and then tap on Factor Data Reset. But before you proceed, remember to backup all your data.

7- This solution may sound weird, but many users were able to fix Wifi keeps disconnecting problem in Note 5 this way. Dial *#0011# from your phone and then press menu button and select Wifi. Now turn off Wifi power safe mode to Off.

8- Disabling IPv6 on Wifi network which you are using is also a great solution to fix Wifi connection problems in Note 5. But there are different ways to disable IPv6 on different networks. For example, in Comcast, you can turn off by going to Connection -> Local IP Network -> Unchecked “Stateful” for IPv6.

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