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Fix Galaxy S3 Voice Notification, Talkback Announcing Messages, Calls

by Fahad Saleem

Galaxy S3 has a talkback feature in which the electronic lady speaks about everything new happening on your phone. Back in those days, this was a new feature on the Galaxy phones, and was much hailed by almost everyone. However, the sound feature apparently seems difficult to turn off many times. A number of users have reported that Samsung Galaxy S3 voice notifications keep announcing phone calls and text messages aloud, creating an embarrassing situation. Let’s find out how to fix this problem.

Fix Galaxy S3 Voice Notification, Talkback Announcing Messages, Calls

Turn off Driving Mode

Talkback or voice notifications were originally made for the users who use their phones while driving. When you turn on the driving mode in Galaxy S3, it will voice-notify you your messages and calls even if the talkback feature is turned off. So you should turn off the talkback feature (refer to the second solution), and then make sure that the driving mode in your phone is turned off. In order to turn off driving mode in Galaxy S3, just go to settings of your phone and then move over to “Language” and “Input”. Now move over to “Text to Speech” output and here you will see driving mode. Turn the driving mode off.

Turn off Talkback Service

Go to Settings in your Android phone and go over to the “Accessibility” option and then the move down to Services. Here you will see an option named “talkback service”. Turn it off. If it is already off, go into this option by tapping on the talkback service and then uncheck all the sub-options so as to get rid of all the options it has.

Disable Third Party Personal Assistants

If you have any third party personal assistant app installed in your phone, then most probably, the culprit is that app because these apps speak messages and calls notifications. You should turn off voice caller id and other related settings by going in the settings of such an app in your phone.

In case the problem is still not solved, feel free to comment on this post and we will get back to you with a reply.

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