Fix Galaxy S6 Won’t Turn On: Solution to Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Power, Light Flashing Problems

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are two of the most remarkable Android devices by the Korean giant. Galaxy S6 was launched last year and it has got a massive market penetration. Galaxy S6 has a beautiful shape, smart performance and app agility. But no phone is without glitches and problems, right? Samsung Galaxy S6 is not an exception. Thousands of its users have reported that Galaxy S6 won’t turn ON. It simply refuses to turn or sometimes. The blue light keeps flashing. There are many other LED related issues which are related to Galaxy S6 turn on problem, but this article gives the best ways to fix the Galaxy S6 not turning on problem.

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First things first. You should confirm if your phone is charged. If it has not battery, it will not turn on.

Fix Galaxy S6 Won’t Turn On: All Solutions

1. Hold the power button for at least ten to twelve seconds and you will see the phone turn on. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next step.

2. You should connect your phone to the power source with an original charger and cable. If you do not have the original charger, no need to panic, but make sure that the power outlet and cable are working properly. Let the phone connected for at least half an hour or an hour if you will. Now hold the power button for more than ten seconds. Galaxy S6 will come to life.

3. If Galaxy S6 won’t turn on, sometimes it could still go to the recovery mode. You can turn on the recovery mode by pressing the Power, Home and Volume (Up) buttons together.

 Select the “Reboot” option using the volume button and press the power button to select this option.

Following are some of the other button combinations which you should try to fix Galaxy S6 not turning on blue light flashing problem.

4. Press and hold the volume UP button for a few seconds and then press the Power button. You will see the phone spring to life. If no success, move on to the next step.

5. Hold the Volume Down button this time for ten to twenty seconds and then press the Power button. Keep  holding/pressing these two buttons for a few seconds and you will see the phone turning ON.

6. If you got no success from the above method, try pressing and holding the Volume Down button with Home and Power button together for at least ten to twenty seconds.

These were some of the best ways to fix Galaxy S6 won’t turn On blue light flashing problem. In case none of the above solutions worked for you, you can claim the warranty or contact the retailer for further assistance.

Please comment on this post if you face any problem with the details of your device and issues you are facing and we will try to fix them.


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