Fix Galaxy S7, S5, S6 Facebook Won’t Sync to Contacts in Phone

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of my favorite Android devices released till date. It has just about everything one could wish for in this era of unending computing needs. However, there are a few tips, tricks and fixes which everyone of us need in order to fix daily hiccups in phones. Many Galaxy S7 users, and other users of Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S5; S6; S6 Edge, have complained that their Facebook won’t sync to contacts with their phones. Many people prefer to have same, synched contacts with their phonebook and Facebook so that they could see the photos, updates, notifications from contacts. When you sync contacts, you see the Facebook profile photo of the person when he or she calls or messages you. There are a lot of ways to fix Galaxy S7 Facebook won’t sync to contacts. Let’s find out these fixes.

Galaxy S7, S5, S6 Facebook Won’t Sync to Contacts in Phone

Enable Syncing

First things first, you must have sync contacts ON in your phone settings and Facebook app. Go to Settings-> Accounts and turn on sync. You should also enable “continuous contacts upload” option from settings and Facebook app settings.

Using Sync.Me App

Facebook actually took away the automatic sync feature a few years back. The best solution to this problem was found out by the users in the form of an app. It’s called “SyncMe” app. It is available for Android and iPhone. This is basically a spam blocking app that syncs all your contacts and makes sure you don’t get spams again and again. Many users were able to sync Facebook contacts will all the Google contacts.

Facebook’s “Lucky” Version

You should install the Facebook version 27 ( an old version). This is also called the “lucky” version as it allows you to easily sync all contacts. You can search and download the APK for the Facebook version 27. You can also get a free apk of this version from this link.

Grant Permissions

Many people have not granted the necessary permissions Facebook need to sync contacts. In order for you do get all the contacts synched, you must go to the Settings app and then move on to “Applications” and then go to Application Manager-> Facebook-> permissions and then give the necessary permissions.

Another Old Facebook Version

Thousands of users flocked into Verizon and other cellular network companies’ offices to ask why they cannot synch Facebook contacts. The representatives from the companies just take the phone, uninstall the Facebook app, and install the Facebook app of earlier versions (mostly, and amb! All the contacts get synched. You should also move to the older versions of Facebook app.

Tell us which solution worked for you.


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