Fix Google Play Store Screen Blank and White: Can’t Download Apps in Android

Android users have to open Google Play Store to download apps. But a lot of Android users report that Play Store screen is white and blank. When they open Play Store, nothing loads. Either the search button isn’t visible. If it is, it fails to respond to any search query. Google Play Store screen is blank and white, making it impossible to download any Android app. In this article we will tell you a way to fix Google Store white and blank screen.

Fix Google Play Store Screen Blank and White

1- Clearing cache and data is the single most useful way to solve unresponsive Google Play Store screen. Data packets get stuck and they stop further streaming of data. Therefore the app does not load properly.

Go to Settings and head over to Application Manager. Scroll down and find Play Store app.  Force close the app and then clear cache and clear data.

2- Deleting your existing Google account and adding a new account is also an excellent way to fix Google Play Store white screen. Go to Google Accounts in Settings and delete the account. Create a new account or add the same account gain. This will fix the Play Store white and blank screen problem.


3- Make sure you are not downloading the apps on mobile data. Google Play Store is known to have issues with mobile carriers and mobile data. Connect to a stable internet connection and then try opening play store. This will fix blank screen in Play Store problem.

Fahad Saleem

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