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Fix Green, Yellow Screen Problem in iPhone 11 Pro Max

by Fahad Saleem

Some iPhone 11 Pro Max are facing a strange problem in which their phone screen shows green tints and their screen is also a bit yellowish. These users also report that their iPhone Pro Max screen is relatively yellowish and warmer in color even when the True Tone and other extra screen and brightness options are turned off.

Fix Yellow Screen Problem in iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you are facing this problem, you are not alone. This display issue is being faced by many iPhone 11 Pro Max users. Here is how you can reproduce and verify the problem:

Go to Settings and activate auto brightness mode.

Put your iPhone in a room with a bright light.

Let you iPhone screen turn off itself.

Touch your iPhone screen to wake it up.

You will now be able to see the green tint will appear for 2 seconds. After that the screen will become normal.

What To Do?

The first thing you should do if you face this problem is to take your phone to Apple customer care center. Apple has officially admitted that it is aware of the green screen problem in many versions of iPhone 11. You should take your phone to Apple center and demand a replacement or fix.

The problem in question is usually linked to faulty hardware, which can only be resolved with a replacement. But some users report that the problem is because of iOS 13.4.1, iOS 13.5, and iOS 13.5.1.

To ensure that you are not facing this problem due to just the hardware factor, make sure to update your iOS to the most latest version.

Make sure to set your true tone settings off. Also, your auto-brightness should be off and brightness should be set to its maximum level. In addition, night mode, color filters should be off. If all doesn’t go as planned, you can seek out reputable iPhone 11 Pro Max repair service near you.

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