Fix: Home Screen Darker in iOS 10

A lot of people are reporting that their home screen in iOS 10 is relatively darker as compared to other versions of iOS.

Firstly, you should note that a darker home screen in iOS 10 is not an error or a bug. It’s rather a feature. A lot of users say that they prefer to have a darker home screen in iOS 10 as its friendly to eyes and other people cannot easily spot your notifications or messages popping up on your home screen.

Why is My Home Screen in iOS 10 Darker?

But not everyone likes a dull screen. Especially those who like to have a white background and want to see photos and screen in general on a crisp, white and bright backdrop are not liking this change in iOS one bit.

There is one tip to fix home screen darker in iOS 10 problem. If you want to see photos and phone screen in general more bright, use a black wallpaper or background. This will glare up the text and photos in your phone. But I understand that this is not ideal, as several people prefer white backgrounds.

If you think your home screen is too dark, you can use the reset option in Settings. Doing this has helped several users in fixing this problem. Just go to Settings in your iPhone and select “Reset All Settings”.

But keep in mind that when you use the reset settings feature, everything including Wifi passwords, sounds, brightness, privacy settings, location settings and notification settings get cleared.

As a last resort, you can also downgrade or upgrade your iOS. Apple seems to have listened to users’ feedback and fixed the brightness problem. Older iOS versions are also not dark or dull.



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