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Fix ‘Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working’ and Crashing in Windows 8, Windows 7

by Fahad Saleem

No one loves Internet Explorer, right? But, still, there are times when we all have to use Internet Explorer (apart from using it to download Chrome or FireFox). A number of Internet Explorer users have reported sudden crashes and ‘Internet Explorer has stopped working’ error. This problem and crashes mainly come from faulty .dll files intruding the iexplore.exe file. The dilemma of Internet Explorer has always been its dependency on .dll files.
Note: If you have Norton Antivirus Installed in your computer, directly head over to the solution # 2 and it would fix everything for you.
You can fix Internet Explorer crashing and stopped working problems by using the methods given below.

Fix Internet Explorer has stopped working Windows8, Windows 7

Reset IE

Launch Internet Explorer in your PC

Go to Tools Menu.

Now Click Internet Options and Click ‘Advanced’ Tab.

Click “Reset” Button and check “Delete Personal Settings“. Again Click the Reset button.

ie stopped working fix 1

Restart the internet explorer. This should fix internet explorer crashing and Internet Explorer has stopped working’ error in Windows 8 or 7. If not, proceed.

Finding and Deleting the faulty .dll file

Now, we have to manually find and wipe off that faulty .dll which is doing all the damage and causing Internet Explorer to stop working. For that, follow these steps.

Right Click on My Computer (This PC) and click ‘Manage’. Now Select and expand “Event Viewer”

Click and Expand ‘Windows Logs’

Under Windows Logs, Click on ‘Application’.

ie stopped working fix 3
You will see a long list of logs on the right side of the screen.

Now try to locate an error with Red Cross over it which is caused by .dll and iexplorer.exe. This error is the one which was generated and logged when Internet Explorer stopped working. There must be timestamps around, locate and search to find the exact related error based on time.
If you find the error, the name of the .dll will also be mentioned in the logs. Note and remember the name of the file.
You can either repair or delete this file. ( Boot your computer in the safe mode to delete the .dll file).

Resetting Security Zone

Security zones and time mismatch error also cause Internet Explorer stopped working error. You can edit the Internet Explorer Security zone by heading over to Settings in the Internet options.

Click ‘Security’ Tab and Click ‘Reset all zones to default level’.

ie stopped working fix 2
Making HTML5 as Default Player

Internet Explorer has stopped working error and Internet Explorer crashing problem is also caused during video playing from YouTube. IE sucks with Flash and Adobe, so the best solution is the update to HTML5 player for default. Here’s how to do it.

Go to the HTML5 sign up page.

At the bottom of this page, you will see ‘Request the HTML5’ player. Click this button and you will make this player as the default player in IE. Make sure you have IE 11 and above for a smooth experience.

These are some ways you can fix Internet Explorer has stopped working Windows 8, Windows 7 problem. This would also solve Internet Explorer crashing. Let us know in the comments in case of any problem.

Image Screenshot source: TechSupportAll

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