Fix iPad Inbox has Disappeared, How to Restore


iPad users are facing the issue that their iPad inbox has disappeared suddenly along with all the music. The users are unaware of the reason behind this and they get really worried. Thus, here is how you can get back the iPad inbox and music that has disappeared.

Fix iPad Inbox has Disappeared, How to Restore

Default Mail

If you are using the default mail client, make sure your email account is listed in it. Go to your iPad’s Settings and then go to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. Under this tab, ensure that your email account is listed and the mail slider is set to show the mail. Also, under the default account tab in Settings, set your email account as default. This can resolve the iPad inbox has disappeared.


For the disappeared music on your iPad, if you have synced your iPad to iTunes and your iTunes is not set to sync music, it will remove all the music on your device. Hence, when you connect your iPad to iTunes, make sure that iTunes is set to sync music. This would prevent you from losing your music on the iPad.

Edit Button in Mail App

To restore the disappeared iPad inbox, use the edit button in the mail application. On the top right corner of the App, click on the edit button. Then, add the inbox folder again to your mail folder list by tapping on the circle next to it. A tick would be added to the circle which means that the inbox folder has been added your mail folder list. Finally, tap on done and the inbox folder will appear in your mail app.


Rebooting the iPad can solve almost 90 % of the problems related to the iPad. Try to reboot your iPad by simultaneously pressing down the power button and home button until it reboots i.e. the Apple logo appears.

If the home button is broken or the assistive touch on your iPad isn’t working, allow its battery to discharge to the end and then recharge your iPad; this will restart your iPad. You can also enable home button from assistive touch, go to your iPad’s Settings then go to General. Now, tap on accessibility and then go to assistive touch. Under the assistive touch tab, activate AssistiveTouch toggle. This will display a gray box with a circle in it, tap on it. Now, press and hold the digital Home Button that appears simultaneously with the power button to reboot the iPad.

Another solution to restart your iPad if the home button is broken is to go to your iPad’s Settings and then go to Display and Brightness. Now, toggle on or off ‘bold text.’ This will restart your iPad.

This simple phone reboot solution can fix disappeared iPad inbox and disappeared music.


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