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Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death Problem Without Losing Data (Guide)

by Fahad Saleem

Fix iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death Problem Without Losing Data (Guide)

iPhone 5s blue screen is a very common problem, mostly occurred to the user having iOS 7 and its other versions. There was initially a massive bug which struck the Apple systems, causing Blue screen of death issues, even for the iOS 8 users. You can easily fix iPhone 5S blue screen problem with multiple strategies. Some may require you to reset the device, but you can also fix the problem without any reset, all depends upon your luck and the specific cause of the error. Let’s see how you can fix iPhone blue screen.

Fix iPhone Blue Screen Problem

Check Faulty Apps, iWork and Turn Off iCloud Sync

The paramount cause of the blue screen of death problem in iPhone 5S is the apps. iPhone 5S is loaded with 64 bit hardware. The famous apps like Notes, document editing apps, numbers and some other app suites were programmed to work with 32 bit operating system. This causes the hash functions to get consumed, ultimately killing the process manager and scheduler in the OS. If you get stuck in some app and you press the home button in your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, mostly, in the devices with this problem, the system shows the dreaded blue screen of death, followed by reboot or boot loop. Here are some fixes to get rid of this nuisance.

Make sure to turn off iCloud sync for all the iWork apps. iWork apps are the number one cause of the problem. You can turn off by heading over to Settings in your iPhone > iCloud > Documents & Data. Here, you will see Pages, Keynote and numbers apps with toggle bars in front off them. Manually switch Off these bars.

 Update iOS and apps

If you are using older versions of iOS 7 or iOS 8 lines, immediately get the most latest updates. All the apps must also be updated. This always fix iPhone 5S blue screen of death problem because the apps and system hardware work perfectly aligned in one platform. If you are using iOS 8, you must update it to iOS 8.2 (or the latest version if available when you read this), and if you prefer iOS 7, make sure to get the latest refresh of this line as well.

Hard Reset the Device

Simply press iPhone 5S home button and power button together for a while and the phone will be reset. This is called hard reset, and in many cases, it fixes the blue screen of death problem in iPhones.

Use Free Tool To Recover and Control iPhone

If you could not control your iPhone when it goes into the blue screen of death or reboot loop, you can install this free ReiBoot recovery tool in your Windows PC or Mac and control and recover your iPhone to fix blue screen error.

 Restore iPhone

 The last option is to restore your iPhone with iTunes, but there are chances that you will lose your data. If you have a backup, you can use this option. But still, if nothing works, this is your last option to fix iPhone 5S blue screen of death problem.

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