Fix Too Low In-Call Volume in OnePlus 3T During Calls

OnePlus 3T is a great phone recently launched by the famous company OnePlus. But there is an issue continuously plaguing the device, and has become a nuisance for thousands of users. The problem is regarding OnePlus 3T in-call volume. Users complain of low in-call volume in OnePlus 3T. Overall, the audio and sounds of OnePlus 3T seem to work fine. But when a call is initiated or received on the device, the in-call volume becomes too low. In this article I will tell you about different ways to fix low in-call volume in OnePlus 3T.

Low in-call volume in OnePlus 3T

Use Headphones for a Quick Fix

For a quick fix, you should know that you can hear loud and clear on OnePlus 3T if you connect headphones in it. So if you need to make a quick call, use this fix.

Safe Mode

Dial *#808# from your phone and a receiver test will start. Do a complete receiver test by following the instructions.

Now reboot the device in the safe mode. Check my making or receiving calls whether the issue still persists.

How to reboot OnePlus 3T in safe mode? Just click on the power off button and hold it for a few seconds. You will get the power off and reboot options. Click on the power off option and hold it for a few seconds, so you will get a popup “Reboot to safe mode”. Click “OK”.

If you were able to get a normal in-call volume in safe mode without any problems, that means the problem is being caused by third party apps. You should turn the phone on the in normal mode and then delete all the third party apps. This will fix low in-call volume.

Clean Earpiece and Speakers using a Tooth Brush

If you are unable to fix the low in-call volume in OnePlus 3T, you should take the phone to  a shop and simply get the earpiece cleaned. The phone should be opened and the speakers should be cleaned carefully. This fix has solved the problem for many. The speakers can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush.

Using TWRP File

Several developers have identified the flaw which is causing in-call volume problems. The XML mapping in the phone is missing the TWRP flashable file. You should download the file from this link. After downloading this file, you will need to edit the file ‘/system/etc/mixer_paths_tasha.xml’ but you will need to have a rooted device and a file explorer like ES File Explorer. You can also do all of this using OxygenOS Rom.

Make Changes to a File

You can also tweak a file manually in your OnePlus 3T and fix the low in-call volume. But for that, you will need to have a rooted Android device. Also, install ES File Explorer.

Now go to file location


And change the value (original one is 90)

<path name=”handset”>

<ctl name=”SLIM RX1 MUX” value=”AIF1_PB” />

<ctl name=”SLIM_0_RX Channels” value=”One” />

<ctl name=”RX1 MIX1 INP1″ value=”RX1″ />

<ctl name=”CLASS_H_DSM MUX” value=”DSM_HPHL_RX1″ />

<ctl name=”DAC1 Switch” value=”1″ />

<!– #ifdef VENDOR_EDIT–>

<!–,2015/4/3,change to pass test for qualcomm advise –>

<ctl name=”RX1 Digital Volume” value=”95″ />

<!– #endif VENDOR_EDIT–>


Restart the phone and your problem will be fixed.

If you get remount errors while saving the changes in the file, use Xplore (download from Google Play Store), and then go to its configuration and set root access to “Superuser+Mount Writable”



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