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Fix Mac Wakes Up From Sleep Randomly Problem

by Fahad Saleem

The “Sleep” feature in Mac comes handy, especially in times when you don’t want your Mac to go completely shut, and want to keep it ON but also want to conserve the power. But thousands of Mac users have reported a problem, according to which Mac wakes up from Sleep randomly. This problem can cause frustration and various issues. You are going out for an important chore and choose to set your Mac to the Sleep mode, but come back to see that your Mac is one and awake from Sleep. Who was it? A ghost? An intruder? No! it’s a known problem and this article is about fixing it.

Fix Mac Wakes Up From Sleep Problem

Check/Unplug USB Devices

The first culprit behind the Mac wakes up randomly problem are the USB devices. Most of the users have keyboards, USB mouse device, memory sticks attached to their Macs. When the Mac is turned on Sleep mode, it is a possibility that the USB device keeps on sending signals, waking your Mac up from the sleep. The easiest way is to detach the USB devices, mouse, keyboard when you turn of the Sleep mode. Then check if your Mac wakes up or not. If the problem is solved, that’s it. The culprit is the USB devices, and you can fix Mac wakes up from sleep problem by replacing the USB devices.

Uncheck Network Activity Option

Network activity can also wake up Mac from sleep. If your Mac stays connected to the internet all the time, any internet activity, especially from the internal network could cause the Mac wakes up from sleep issue. You can fix Mac wakes up from sleep problem by going to the system Preferences in Mac and heading over to the Energy Saver. Now uncheck the box saying “Wake for Network Access”.

Reset the System Management Control

If your problem is not solved after applying the above two methods, the last resort is to restore SMC (System Management Control). The SMC is responsible for controlling all the power management of your Mac. The sleep, wakeup functions, battery setup and control, everything is managed by SMC.

Now, in order to restore SMC, follow the steps given below.

Turn on Sleep mode in your Mac.

Wakeup Mac from Sleep mode.

Restart your Mac. Wait for the system to get fully booted.

Now shutdown Mac.

Make sure that the charger is plugged in.

Now press the keys Shift, Control, Option keys from the keyboard and also press and hold Power button. All these keys and buttons must be pressed and held for one or two seconds.

Now turn on your Mac.

Now shut down your Mac and unplug the charger.

After waiting for 15-20 seconds, put the charger back in, wait again for a few seconds and turn on your Mac again.

This was how to fix Mac wakes up from sleep problem. In case you are facing the problem even after applying the above methods, feel free to let us know in the comments and we will fix it in another way.

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