Fix Next Song in Playlist Not Playing Automatically in iPhone

Millions of people listen to songs in iPhone using iTunes or other apps. Most of the people prefer making playlists while listening songs, but recently there has been a problem with playlists in iPhone according to which the next song doesn’t play automatically and users have to manually play the next song in a playlist.

Next Song in Playlist Not Playing Automatically in iPhone

1- Whatever music app you are using, there is always a “Repeat” option for playlists. The most common reason of playlist won’t play next song problem in iPhone is that users accidentally or intentionally turn this option to on. You must turn off repeat option in order to fix next song won’t play in iPhone issue.  Mostly, the repeat icon is on the third position from the left.  If it is visible, tap it once.

2- Under LYRICS click on the song name and there are options like “Up Next”, Shuffle Icon and Repeat Icon.  The REPEAT icon should not be highlighted. You should click on the “three lines” icon and then go in and clear all “up next” songs. Now exit back to the original screen. Songs in playlist in iPhone will play as they should.

3- Come out of the iTunes or music app and close the app completely so that the memory is freed. Now wait for a few seconds and then restart the app. Now start the playlist again.

This is how to fix next song in iPhone won’t playing. Share your feedback and questions in the comments section below.

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