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Fix Nexus 6 Not Charging or Charging Too Slowly Problems [Detailed Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Google launched Nexus 6 device and it was a huge success. Nexus 6 is a pretty graceful device and a pure Android version. But a lot of users complain that their Nexus 6 won’t charge or charge too slowly. In this article we will try to fix Nexus 6 charging problems.

Fix Nexus 6 not Charging

1- You can fix Nexus 6 not charging problem by replacing your charging cable. Most of the times, the charging problem has to do with a faulty charging cable. Either its USB port ends get damaged over the course of months of usage, or the wire simply gets faulty. A lot of users report that they managed to fix Nexus 6 not charging problem by simply replacing their charging cable or plug. This is the most straightforward solution to the problem which involves your Nexus 6 plugged in but not charging.

2- A lot of users have reported issues with the Turbo Charger provided with Nexus 6. You can try changing the charger altogether and see if this fix Nexus 6 not charging problem.

3- If your Google Nexus 6 is charging too slow, chances are that there are some heavy apps (games, Snapchat, Facebook) running in the background. You can’t expect your phone to be charged quickly when battery hog apps are running on it. You should close all the apps and then start charging your phone. You will definitely feel the difference.

4- You should also try to boot your Nexus 6 device in the boot mode. In order to enable safe mode on your Nexus 6, keep pressing the power button until you see the option to start the phone in the safe mode.

5- Some users mysteriously fixed their charging problems of Nexus 6 by getting a hardware fix of Flex cables of the phone and phone charging cable. This basically was in connection with the Phone’s volume up button. When you try to flash or reset Nexus 6 phone in order to fix charging issues, the phone’s volume up button tends to create issues. This could be solved by fixing the hardware of your phone.

6- Foolish though it may seem but you should definitely restart your phone before jumping to any conclusions. Thousands of Nexus 6 users were able to fix their charging problems with a simple restart.

7- If nothing works, there might be a serious problem with Nexus 6 charging port. In that case, you can wirelessly charge your Google Nexus 6 phone. In order to do wireless charging of Nexus 6, you will need a wireless charging pad. You can use PowerBot compliant Qi charger and use it to wirelessly charge your Nexus 6. TYLT wireless charger also works just fine with Nexus 6.


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