Fix No Command in Recovery Mode in Android Phones

Putting the android phone into the recovery mode, when it is not working properly, is an easy troubleshooting trick. Unfortunately, some users encountered “No command error in recovery mode” in Android phones, not showing the options for instance, reset, reboot, install etc. Moreover, on updating Android phones, users have experienced the same issue. After an update gets finished, it says an error. When battery is taken out and turned it back, the phone does not fully turn on and “No Command” error appears.

It is recommended to enter recovery mode manually if this error appears on the screen. Here are listed few ways to bypass Android no command screen quickly.

  • When no command error message is shown during app installing, software upgrading or resetting, it can be fixed manually. Unplug all the connected devices from the device and make sure it has at least 80% battery usage. Press “Power” key once, a menu will appear. Now press Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll options. Select “wipe data/factory reset” or “wipe cache partition” according to your needs.

Finally, tap 3 horizontal lines on the left repeatedly until it works. When the process completes, you can reboot phone by selecting “Reboot system now” and the no command error message will disappear.

  • Use Reiboot for Android. Any Android devices can be brought into recovery mode to fix Android boot loop / clear cache or wipe cache partition / black screen / blinking no command problems with simple clicks.

Download and install ReiBoot for Android on your computer. Run the program and connect the phone to PC. Enable USB debugging on your device once it is detected.

Once the device is detected, you can see the main interface of ReiBoot for Android. Click “Enter Recovery Mode” to start fixing no command problem. You can either reboot the system or reset to the factory settings.



  • Some users solved this issue by removing the battery of Android phone. According to them after reinserting, hold down the volume up and power buttons simultaneously till the logo screen appears. Release the power button but keep holding the volume up button till the menu appears. There is no more “No Command” error. Scroll down to get factory reset option.
  • Press the “Power” button, a menu will appear.

Press and use volume-down button to navigate to “apply update from SD card”.

Select this option by using volume-up button when it is highlighted. Use the volume-up button to navigate down to “updater”. Select it with the volume-up button. Now, use volume-down button to highlight “fp_update_OTA[version number].zip” and select with volume-up button. Installation will take place.


Once installation is complete, message is seen: “Install from SD-card complete.”

Finally, phone can be rebooted. Press volume-up button to select “Reboot system now”.



Fahad Saleem

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