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Fix No DVI Signal Error in LCD and Monitors [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

A lot of users are asking how to fix no DVI signal in monitors and LCDs. This problem comes out of the blue. One fine day you start your monitor and it gives you an error saying “No DVI Signal” on your face. Here are some ways you can fix this annoying error.

Fix No DVI Signal Error

1- The best solution is to reboot your computer or screen. Many users were able to fix DVI signal problems just by restarting their PCs.

2- Go to control panel and change Power Saving Mode settings. You can change these settings in the Power tab in the control Panel. This will keep your PC from turning on the time out mode.

3- Turns out No DVI signal problems stems from hardware as well. A number of people were able to fix no DVI problem by replacing the 8-pin CPU power connector. You can simply change the cable for your monitor. If that doesn’t work, try changing the connecting adapter or port.

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4-You can also try updating display drivers or installing them from scratch altogether. Mostly the drivers get outdated, resulting in many problems.

5- You should also make sure that your motherboard BIOS is up to date. You can also reseat the graphics card and clean the PCIE slot. PCIE power connectors should be completely in the card.

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