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Fix No Sound in Calls, Can’t Hear Others’ Voice in Calls in Galaxy S4, S5, S6, Other Android Devices

by Fahad Saleem

A lot of users are reporting no sound during calls in Samsung Galaxy phones, especially in Galaxy S4. Some users also complain that they can’t hear people on calls on Galaxy S5, S6 and other Galaxy phones. In this article we will talk about all the possible solutions to fix no sound in calls issue.

Phone Cover and Hand Position

Silly as it may sound, but many users were able to fix the problem by paying attention to the position of their hands or phone cover. Sometimes your hand or photo cover blocks the place from where the audio of the person in call with you comes from. Just make sure that your phone cover or hand doesn’t block the speakers.

Edit Networks

Launch settings and go to ‘More Networks’ and then move on to ‘Mobile Networks’.

Now set the mode to LTE/CDMA then set GLOBAL DATA ROAMING ACCESS to “Deny all data roaming access”

You can fix no sound during calls in Galaxy S4 and other Galaxy models by factory resetting your device. But make sure to backup all the data before going forward. Doing a factory reset is pretty simple. Take a look at our detailed guide on factory resetting a Galaxy device.

Uninstall Certain Apps

There is a weird fix to this problem. Some users were able to solve the no sound during calls issue by uninstalling random apps, like Facebook messenger or Waze app. You can give it a try and uninstall apps one by one and test out by calling others. A lot of users said they disabled Google Driver and sound from calls started coming in clearly.

Clean the Headphone Jack, Speakers

You should also clean the headphone jack and speakers with a tissue paper having deodorant or perfume sprayed over it. This liquid clears the dirt quickly. The dirt deposits stops the voice from coming in clearly.

Remove the Sim Card and Battery

Turn off the phone, remove the battery and the sim card, wait for a few seconds, and then put in the battery and the sim card. Turn on the phone, and hopefully, everything would be fine. You should also try turning on flight mode and then turning it off. These solutions have worked for a lot of users.

Turn Off Ok, Google

Google Now updates are also known to cause the lack of sound during calls. From the home screen, hold the menu button to go to Google Now. Click on menu button again and select settings. Select “VOICE.” Now select “Ok Google” detection. Now turn off the option “From any Screen.” Once that is turned off. Restart phone and everything should work fine.

Turn off Motion Sensors

Go to Settings > Motion and make sure to disable the proximity sensor, or any kind of motion related sensor. Why? Sensors created a proximity that affects the mic. Now switch off the phone and then turn it on.

These are some of the ways to fix no sound in calls, or can’t hear other people on calls in Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, S5, S6 and other latest models of the Samsung Galaxy phones. In case, nothing worked for you, just shoot a comment below and we will get back to you with another solution.

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