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Fix OnePlus 3 Overheating in Pocket and Other Heating Problems

by Fahad Saleem

OnePlus 3 is rolling out in the markets now and people are rushing to get their hands on this much-awaited, sleek and graceful device. All versions of OnePlus have been successful so far. But with new phones come new problems. OnePlus 3 heating problem is a very commonly reported issue shared by users around the internet. OnePlus 3 heating in pocket is the biggest concern of the users. When you put OnePlus 3 in your pocket, it goes insanely hot. Similarly, when OnePlus 3 phone is put at any closed space like a cloth or drawer, overheating occurs. We have multiple ways to fix OnePlus 3 overheating problem. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Fix OnePlus 3 Overheating in Pocket and Other Heating Problems

Turning off Fingerprint, Gestures

 Thousands of people report that OnePlus 3 gets heated up when put in the pocket, that too when screen is facing the thigh. A great fix has been found out for this problem. Unlike all the theories claiming that this has to do with display and processing, it turns out that it is the fingerprint sensor of the phone which is creating the heating problem. When screen is touching the surface, it tries to process the touch and authenticate, resulting in the usage of resources. So just turn off the fingerprint feature on OnePlus 3 to fix the heating in pocket issue. You should also turn off the “Proximity” sensor in your phone so that the device doesn’t start checking for authentication when anything touches its surface. Many users on forums have reported that turning off gestures have solved heating problems for them.

During Charging

OnePlus 3 gets heated up when it is plugged in for charging. The temperature of the phone could rise to 44 degrees (38 is the normal). The best way to avoid this problem is to turn on the flight mode whilst the phone is charging. This would reduce all the resource allocation and temperature will be slashed dramatically. You have to basically cut down the phone usage and resource divisioning to keep the temperature low.

Changing CPU Clock Speed

There is a another great and easy way of tinkering with the CPU to actually fix OnePlus overheating issues. This solution involves downloading and flashing the kernel for your phone and then using the Kernel Auditor app (available on Google Play Store) to change the clock speed of the CPU. When you decrease the clock speed, temperature goes down. You can check out the complete guide on how to do this on a YouTube video here.


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