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Fix Poor Cell Reception in Nexus 5

by Fahad Saleem

Android Nexus 5 users are facing the issue of poor cell reception on their phone. The phone is excellent and users are enjoying using it but they feel like the cell reception is not as good as other phones. They are not sure if it is a hardware issue or a software issue. Below are the solutions users can play with to fix poor cell reception in Nexus 5.


You can try to undergo through the process of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in which you can return your Nexus 5 back to the company so that they can replace it with a new phone. To go through the RMA procedure, call the technical support office and speak to the technician. The technician will help you to determine whether the phone is defective or not by asking several questions. If the technician feels that your phone is defective, he will issue you an RMA number. Now you can ship your product to the company. While shipping your product to the company for return, you must write your RMA number outside the box. The further processing will be done by the company. This procedure can fix poor cell reception in Nexus 5.

Mobile Network

It can be possible that the poor cell reception in Nexus 5 is due to the sim card. To fix poor cell reception in Nexus 5, make sure the mobile network you are using doesn’t have any defects. Call your mobile network to troubleshoot the problem or switch to another mobile network with better cell reception.

Fast Reboot

First of all, back up your phone data to any cloud service you use, everything not backed up will be deleted. Use Google to install ADB and drivers on your desktop. Then, extract the SDK you downloaded and navigate to sdk folder. Press and hold shift and right click on platform tools. Next, click on “Open Command Prompt Here.” Now, turn off the phone and hold power and volume down button simultaneously to boot your Nexus 5 into the bootloader. Then, connect your Nexus 5 to your desktop. In the command prompt, type “adb.exe”, this would return a lot of messages which means adb is working correctly. Now, type “fastboot devices” in command prompt, this will also return a lot of messages and numbers. Then, type “fastboot oem unlock”. Press yes on the phone, this will factory reset your Nexus 5. Once the phone is reset, wait for one minute and type “fastboot reboot” in command prompt. This will fully reboot your phone; it can take up to 15 minutes to complete the procedure. By following these steps, you can fix poor cell reception in Nexus 5.

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