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Fix Random Apps Keep Installing by Themselves (Android)

by Fahad Saleem

When you go to the internet or Google Play store from your Android phone, there are hundreds and thousands of spams, adwares, dirty promotional services and clickbaits waiting to grab you and take you away. Internet services are hungry for clicks and sales, there they do everything possible to get into the user’s device. A lot of users have reported that random apps keep installing by themselves without any permission. This is the most preposterous and massive example of breach of privacy which millions of end users go through daily. Some famous culprit apps known to install themselves in phones are iLocker, Mobogame, Coolbrowser, poker apps, lucky try etc. Luckily, there are some ways using which you can keep random apps from installing in your Android phone by themselves.

Fix Random Apps Keep Installing by Themselves

Uncheck Installation from unknown sources

Launch settings in your phone and go to ‘Security’. Now go the unknown sources and uncheck ‘allow installation of app from unknown sources’. This is the most basic and necessary step you must take in order to stop random apps installation.

Revert your ROM and Flash

Bad apps installation also stems from different ROMS. If you revert back to STOCK ROM, chances are higher that you will fix the problem. Stock rom is the basic rom which repels spams and third party apps which have no credentials. You can also flash your Android device after doing this.

Delete Related Apps

Some spams and adwares cling themselves to the most famous apps which are downloaded by users. These spammy apps install themselves in the form of updates. If you want to avoid random installation of spams, just go to every app or the app which you think is the culprit, and uncheck the automatic updates/installation by tapping the three dots option menu. This will allow you to check before any update installation.

Sign Out Google Account, Change Password

There is also a chance that your Google account is compromised. It is also a good option to logout from your Google account in your Android device. This account must be the one with which you signed up for the Google Play Store. You can sign out from all the accounts by going to accounts section in Settings. After signing out, either login again with the same password or chance the password and then login. Cutting the active sessions and starting a new one also stops random apps installation.

Disable Automatic Restore

Doing a factory reset is another useful option. But before you factory reset, make sure to go to Settings-> Backup & reset and uncheck the ‘automatic restore’ option. This would prevent all the bad apps from restoring after the factory reset.

Restrict Background Data

Restricting background data also helps in fixing the random apps installation issue. Just go to Settings-> Data usage > select each app one by one you want restrict > scroll down > check “Restrict Background Data”. This has helped many people to fix this issue.

Install a Good Security App

You must install a renowned firewall and security app, such as Avast, to protect your phone. Do a complete scan of your phone and enable protection. These security apps saves your phone from span and self-replicating apps.

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