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Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Android Phones Keep Vibrating Randomly for No Reason

by Fahad Saleem

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a pretty popular device around the world. But some users of this phablet are reporting that Galaxy Note 5 keeps vibrating randomly for no reason. Well, this glitch is pretty awkward, annoying and scary. But the good news is that you can fix this Galaxy 5 keeps vibrating. In this article we will talk about several ways to fix Note 5 vibrating for no reason issue.

Fix Galaxy Note 5 Vibrating Randomly for No Reason

1- Launch Settings app in your Galaxy Note 5 and then go to Personal Tab and head over to Accessibility and you will see a notification reminder. Turn that notification reminder to OFF if it is set to ON. You can also turn off vibrations for some specific apps. But I would recommend turning off vibration totally to check if the problem persists or not. The methods described below also work to solve constant vibrations issues in other Android phones.

galaxy note 5 vibrating

2- You can fix Galaxy S5 keeps vibrating randomly for no reason problem by taking out the battery and SD card from your phone for a few minutes, cleaning them with a tissue paper and then putting them back. This is because dust deposits on the contacting ports of battery circuits makes the phone move randomly, resulting in vibrations.

3- Disabling Google Play Services has also helped many users to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vibrating problems. You can disable Google Play the task manager app and then heading over to Downloaded tab and then uninstalling task manager and play store.

4- If none of the above methods work, you can fix vibration problem in Galaxy Note 5 by resetting your device. In order to reset Note 5, switch off your device and press Volume up button, power button and the home button and keep them holding until you see the Android recovery screen. Now select the option to Wipe data/factory reset by using the volume up and down buttons. Select this option using the Power button.

This is how to fix Note 5 keeps vibrating problem. Tell us which method worked for you and in case nothing worked, tell us the details of the problem in the comments and we will be back with another solution for you.

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