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Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Keeps Connecting to Wifi Automatically: Wifi Keeps Turning On

by Fahad Saleem

Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular phones by Samsung, with millions of sales around the world. But no phone is free from issues, and Galaxy S5 is no exception. A lot of users are reporting a strange issue, in which Wifi keeps turning ON automatically. Users mostly turn off their mobile data and Wifi before sleeping. But after some time they see that their Wifi is still on. Galaxy S5 keeps getting connected to Wifi or mobile data. Before you freak out or call this an act of ghosts, let me assure you that this is a known issue and can be fixed easily.

Fix Wifi Keeps Turning on in Galaxy S5

1- Most of the users who are facing this problem has the Xfinity WiFi app installed. This app is made by Comcast, and helps uses to use hotspots and surf the internet safely. But this app messes up with internet connections. This app has a feature called “turn on Wifi when in Range”. If this feature is enabled, it will turn on the connections automatically. The best way is to delete the app, but if you uncheck this option, you will be able to fix Wifi keeps connecting in Galaxy S5 problem.  If you have other hotspot or internet privacy apps, you should uninstall them because they are known to intrude with normal connections.

2- You should also check and fix your connection optimizer in Samsung Galaxy S4. Open the Settings app and go to More Networks and then move to Mobile Networks and open connection optimizer. Now uncheck auto select best network. If you have a Verizon device, chances are that you might not see the Connection Optimizer. In that case, settings> wi-fi> and uncheck “Show Wi-Fi pop-up.

3- Straight Talk is another known culprit for causing automatic Wifi connection in Galaxy S5. Many users say that their phones keep connecting to Wifi automatically because of this app. Straight Talk is a wireless services plan. You should delete this app to disconnect it completely and then check.

These are some of the ways using which you can fix Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps connecting automatically to Wifi. If you can’t fix the problem with the above mentioned solutions, shoot a comment below and we will get back to you with some solutions.

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