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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Flickering

by Fahad Saleem

Galaxy S5 is one of the best and most popular ever phones launched by Samsung. It has everything: speed, robustness, durability, features, body and colors. But no electronic device is completely flawless. This is why we get a plethora of new phones every year, right? A number of users have reported Samsung Galaxy S5 screen flicker. The phone’s screen starts to flicker and no stable display is shown. When you switch off your screen, the flickers appear. Also, some users say that when they play around with the brightness of the phone, the flickers get worse. Sometimes, these flickers are colored blue and green. If your Galaxy S5 screen is flickering, don’t get worried as we are about to tell you how to fix screen flicker in Galaxy S5 in this article.

Screen Flicker in Galaxy S5 Fixed

Disable Hardware Overlays

You can disable the hardware overlay using the developers mode in your phone. This method has worked for many pro Galaxy users.  Disabling hardware overlay takes the phone to the GPU mode. This boosts performance and bypasses the normal display. But this won’t fix the problem if your LCD is flawed. You can enable developer mode by going to settings on your Android phone and scrolling down to the option named Build Number’. Keep tapping it. After around 7 taps, you will be notified that the developer’s mode is now turned on. You will be able to see ‘Developers Options’. You can check out this video to see how to enable or disable hardware overlays.

Disable AirView

Some users were able to fix Galaxy S5 screen problem by turning off and on the AirView mode. This display mode is a known culprit in this issue.

Taking our the Battery

Take out the battery by opening the phone from behind. Wait for a two minutes and then put the battery back inside. Turning off the phone and putting out the battery seems to clear the ion junk that could disturb the circuity flow of the phone.


Screen problems always point to the hardware defect, which can mostly not be solved by a normal user at home. If your phone is covered under a warranty, you should immediately take it to the shop and claim it. If not, they will probably recommend a screen replacement or LCD panel fix. Take your phone to the mobile shop and ask the best solution and advice.

Factory Reset

Doing a hard or soft reset (factory reset) has fixed Galaxy S5 flickering problem in Android for many users.

In case of any problem or confusion, comment on this post and we will get back to you with more help.


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