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Fix Signal Dropping in Google Pixel phones Problem

by Fahad Saleem


Google Pixel users are facing the problem of calls dropping on their phone as the signals are consistently low. The phone drop calls several times a day which is very frustrating for the users.  They can make a call immediately after, but there are no issues with service, it just drops. Below are some solutions Google Pixel users can try to resolve the issue.

Network Settings

Go to your phone’s Settings, select More, then touch Network Settings Reset. Finally, tap Reset Settings. By resetting the network’s settings, your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular data will reset too.

You can also try to experiment with Network Settings. Go to Settings, then select More. Now, tap on Cellular Network and select Preferred Network Type to check out different settings.

SIM Card

Remove the SIM card from your phone, clean it and insert it again. Now, restart your phone and make sure Airplane Mode is turned off. To check status of Airplane Mode, go to your phone’s Settings, then go to More. Now, touch the switch next to the Airplane Mode to toggle it off.

APN Settings

Another method to resolve the issue is to call your network provider to get particular APN (Access Point Name) settings for your phone. To add the specific APN setting on your phone, go to your phone’s Settings and tap Wireless & Networks. Next, scroll down to More and tap on Mobile Networks. Now, touch Access Point Names and select the ‘+’ icon to add desired APN.

If you have verified from your network provider that your APN settings are accurate, try to delete it completed and then add it again manually. To delete the APN settings, under the Access Point Names in Settings, tap on the 3-dot menu. Now, select Delete APN and then enter the APN details yourself.

Safe Mode

Try to reboot your Google Pixel in safe mode to make sure if any third party App is causing the problem. If the problem doesn’t persist in safe mode, it’s a good sign that an App you have installed is the cause of your issue.

Wi-Fi Calling

Go to your phone’s Settings and enable Wi-Fi Calling to fix the issue. This simple solution has resolved the problem for some users.

Restart Phone

Google specialist suggests a simple solution to simply turn off your phone and then back on again. They claim that this easy method can clear up a lot of issues.

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