Fix SIM Card Removed, Sim Not Detected in Galaxy S5, S4, S6 Phones

Samsung Galaxy S5 and successive models like S6 and S7 are some of the best smartphones the world has ever seen. You can get to use the best features of both hardware and software on these phones. But sometimes, problems and glitches come. Samsung Galaxy S5 users have reported that their SIM card is not detected or recognized. Users are also facing SIM Card Removed: Insert SIM and Restart Device error. This problem has to do with some hardware and software aspect of the phone.

SIM Card Removed/ Not Detected Error Fixed

Using Piece of Note to Stabilize Sim

Sim card is always inserted in a slot. With the passage of time, the slot could loose and the Sim card is not fixed completely inside it. Sim card not detected or Sim card removed problem is common in Galaxy S5 because its users are using this phone for quite some time now. The SIM card problem doesn’t come in new phones. So the problem is mostly in the hardware section. Here are some of the ways to fix SIM card not detected or SIM card removed error in Galaxy S5.

Take a “Post It” note or any other type of sticky note and cut it to the size of the sim card.

Now put it inside the SIM card’s place, on the back of the sim card. You can out two notes pieces on the back of the sim card. This idea is to give the sim card a firm support and back to stay intact. Because the sim case has become loose, we need to add a more thickness at the sim’s back to make it fixed.

Using Safe Mode to Bypass Sim connection issues

There is another solution to fix Sim card problems. This solution involves turning on the safe mode and bypassing the connection issues which might be curtailing the sim card service. This solution has worked for many users. You should try it too.

Turn off your Galaxy S5 and press and hold the power button.

Release the power button as soon as you see the Samsung Galaxy S5 text on screen.

After releasing the power button, press and hold the volume down key

Continue holding the volume down key until the device gets completely restarted.

Safe mode will be enabled and you will see it on the bottom right corner. When you see the text “Safe Mode”, release the volume down key.

Once the Safe mode is on, go to Settings.

Under the Network Connections tab, tap the More Networks option.

Tap “Mobile Networks”.

 Now tap “Network operators”.

You will see an option of the default setup. Tap it and select your carrier which has service.

 After a few minutes, when the phone registers over the selected network, you will no longer see the sim card removed error. Sim card not detected in Galaxy S5 error will be fixed.

Some Other Fixes

If you are still not able to fix the Sim card removed or Sim card not detected error, make sure to take try the following quick fixes:

  • Take out the sim and clean it well with a piece of cotton soaked in perfume. Why perfume? Because it’s a great cleaner.
  • Make sure your phone is not locked to a specific carrier. Also, the carrier services must be available in your area.

Using Ear Plus Piece to Put Pressure: A Great Fix

Another great way to fix the sim card removed or network not registered error is to take the back off your phone and tape the small piece of ear plug above the wholes or pins in order to put pressure on the board. This has solved the sim card problems for many users.

Just watch this video to see how to do this trick.

This was how to fix SIM Card Removed: Insert SIM and Restart Device error. You can also apply the above solutions to solve sim card not detected in Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and other models.

Let us know in the comments which solution worked for you. In case of any confusion or problem, feel free to comment with details of device and the issue.

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