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Fix Snapchat Camera Zoomed In Problem HTC M8, iPhone, Other Phones

by Fahad Saleem

Snapchat is gaining popularity with every single day. Especially teens love it. Addictive video posting and photos have made Snapchat a competitor of Facebook and Instagram. However, recently, there is a problem faced by many Snapchat users. Out of the blue, the Snapchat camera get zoomed in and won’t get fixed no matter what you try. This problem is pretty much common for many HTC M8 users. Many iPhone and Android users for other phones and models have also reported this problem. Sometimes, the camera remains zoomed in for videos. In other cases, the camera zooms in for photos. This issues comes for front-facing camera. If you are facing camera zoomed in problem in Snapchat, here is how to fix it.

Fix Snapchat Camera Zoomed In

Clear Cache of the App

Clearing the cache for the Snapchat app is a great way to fix Camera glitch. In order to clear the cache for the Snapchat app, just go to settings and the Application Manager. Scroll down and go to Snapchat app and clear cache for the app. You can view how to clear cache for an app from our detailed guide.

Reinstall App

Uninstalling Snapchat removes the stuck variables that may be messing around your camera hardware access calls. You can uninstall Snapchat and then install it again from the Play Store. When you start the app afresh, you don’t face the camera zoomed error. If this fix doesn’t solve the issue, move on to the next solution.

Update Your Android

You can also check for updates in your Android phone. If the latest Android version is not solved in your phone, the chances are that you will face Snapchat camera zoomed in error.

How to update your Android phone, you ask? Just go to Settings in your phone and go to “About Phone”. There, you will see Software Update option. Tap it and install the update if it is available. Restart the phone and you will not face Snapchat camera error again.

Image: PcAdvisor

Image: PcAdvisor

Downgrading Android Version

Many users have also reported a success in fixing the Snapchat camera zoomed error when they downgraded their operating system in Android. For instance, a user downgraded from to 4.4.2 in his HTC M8 and reported to have fixed the Snapchat camera problem.

System Restore and Install Latest Android Afresh

A full system restore and installing Android OS again from scratch is the final solution which is guaranteed to work. Numerous users on Reddit have posted that you can delete the entire Android and install the latest OS and this would fix camera zoomed in error. While this may sound ridiculous, this is the solution to get your problem solved.

Image: DigitalTrends

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