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Fix Software Update Failed An error occurred downloading iOS 9 During Upgrading iPhone, iPad

Millions of iPhone and iPad users are trying to upgrade their devices to iOS 9, the new released, fabulous OS iteration by Apple. But a mobile software update is never free of hitches and problems. So is the case with iOS 9. A lot of users have reported an error which they come across while installing iOS 9 in their iPhones. The error is “Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 9”. There could be multiple causes of this error, and the good news is that you can fix this error.

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Fix Software Update Failed An error occurred downloading iOS 9

There are two practical solutions to fix Software Update Failed while installing iOS 9 in your iPhone and iPad. The first and most recommended solution is to wait a few seconds. Yes! Wait. Basically, while installing iOS 9 in your iPhone, when you press Download and Install option, the request goes to CDN of Apple, which is currently pounded by millions of

users these days as this is a high season in which Apple’s new software and features are released. The error Software Update Failed An error occurred downloading iOS 9 precisely comes because of this problem. So the natural solution is to wait a few seconds and then press the Download and Install option again. If you get the error again, wait again for a few minutes and then try again. Most of the users were able to fix An error occurred downloading iOS 9 problem this way.

For those users who don’t like this way and are highly impatient, there is another hard way. That is to use IPSW firmware, but that would be

too insane to go for this way, as you can literally install iOS 9 in your iPhone by just waiting a few minutes. You can kill those few minutes in reading this super viral post of ours, or stalking staring same shitty content on your Facebook feed, meh?

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