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Fix Time Doesn’t Show AM or PM in iPhone X

by Fahad Saleem

When people invest their money in buying a high-quality phone having high standard, they wish to get all the features in the best quality. Unfortunately, iPhone X users after getting one of the expensive mobile phones are unable to view AM or PM along with the time. We, people are habitual of seeing time along with AM or PM. However, there is a minority of people who can manage to see time in 24-hour format. For them, not showing of AM or PM along with time does not affect them, nor their routines. But this seems to be an issue for those who are used to the 12-hour format. According to the UX designers, this seems not to be necessary to show AM or PM. The best practices of UX are to eliminate all clutter, i.e. anything that is not necessary for the task at hand. There was an evidence that people don’t need to see AM or PM as they already knew that 12:00 was noon and not midnight. People can also get to know about AM or PM by seeing outside. If it’s morning, then it’s AM, otherwise PM. However, people who live in regions where there is barely any daytime like Alaska, they have much difficulty in knowing the exact time, whether it’s day or night.

There are a few suggestions that you can follow in order to solve this problem and see AM or PM along with the time on iPhone X. Here are following:

  • Swipe down notification center to see AM or PM.
  • You can set it to 24-hour format (military time) if you don’t get confused between day and night. In order to do this, go to Settings, then General and finally to Date & Time. Slide the option saying ’24-Hour Time’. It will set time format to military time.

  • Some users have suggested that this feature might not be available on iPhone X, unless some regional / language settings allow for something like that in the notification or control center.


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