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How to Fix Ubuntu 10.04 Black Screen Startup Problem

How to Fix Ubuntu 10.04 Black Screen Startup Problem

If you have installed Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid” release, you might have come across the blank screen at the startup and after its installation. There have been a number of reports regarding this issue. These problems are attributed due to the incompatibility of video drivers, specially nVidia and ATI, or you might be using old Intel cards. This article presents a simple method to get rid of this problem so that you can get your video working again.

Troubleshooting the Video Issue While Booting from CD

This method might prove to be useful if you are experiencing video issues while booting from the CD. Try the following steps for getting over the issues.

  • When the install screen appears, press “F6” and insert one of the options below depending on the hardware of your system.
  • When you boot your system for the first time, press “e” to edit the GRUB menu.
  • You need to delete “quiet” and “splash” by using the arrow keys to navigate and again insert one of the options below.
  • Now press Ctrl+X for booting.

You will find some options that depend on hardware of your system. Consider the example list of hardware.

  • Older Intel Video card: i915. Modeset=1 or i915=modeset=0.
  • Generic: xforcevesa
  • nVidia: nomodeset

One of the aforementioned options might work for you. Now, try the following method for changes to take persistent effect.


  • You have to change settings in GRUB so that they will be applied on each rebooting. Follow the steps below.
  • You need administrator rights to edit the /etc/default/grub Go to the file, and replace the line “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash”” with the following line.

“GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash <option>””

Now save the changes, and your graphics should work fine now. If your problems persist even after trying the options mentioned in this article, you must contact help from the manufacturer of your hardware.

This article might prove to be quite useful for you to remove the problems of blank screen when you boot Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid version. Get rid of this irritating hardware issue once forever.




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