Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped Error Android

Google Play is Android’s app store from where you can download apps, music and software in your phone for free as well as for a price. If it immensely popular among billions of Android users around the world. Google Play services scarcely give problems, but there are some common issues reported by Android users regarding Google Play. One such issue is the famous error Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped. Users keep facing this annoying message on their phone screen somehow. However, you can easily fix Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped error in Android by following the steps given below.

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped

Clear Cache and Data

Clearing cache and data for

the Google Play Store service has solved the problem for many users. When Google Play store is used for a longer period of time, its variables consume processes and the device gets stuck when the processes do not release the various threads. You can fix the Google Play has stopped error by clearing cache and data by the following steps.

Go to Settings in your Android phone.

Now go to Application Manager and then scroll down to find “Google Play Store” as shown in the image below.

Tap on “Clear Data”. All the data will be cleared. But you need not to worry as nothing important will vanish from your phone.

That’s it. After this step you should not face the Google Play Store has stopped problem. If you still face this error, move on to the next solution.

Install Latest Google Play

You must have the latest version of Google Play. You can check the latest update of Google Play on Google and see if you have it.

Clear Google Services Framework Cache

You can also fix Google Play not working problem in Android by clearing the Google Services Framework cache. Services framework is responsible for maintaining a connection with the actual Google servers. When their cache gets stuck, no connection could be made. Here is how to clear cache of Google Services Framework.

Launch Settings and then go to Apps or Application Manager.

You should be under “All” tab. Now scroll down and come to “Google Services Framework” app. Tap on “Force Stop” button and then tap on “Clear Cache” option.

Restart Phone

You should try to restart your Android device. It may sound a silly solution, but this this has almost worked in fixing every software problem, at least for some users.

Turn off Privacy Guard, Blockers or Anti-Virus

Many users deploy services like Privacy Guard and other blockers to block services and apps to save battery and other security reasons. Make sure you give the “Allowed” status for  Google Play services for the privacy guard app. You should also try deleting the antivirus of any blocker altogether to check if Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped error in Android is fixed.

Uninstall Google Play Updates

Many users were able to fix Google Play Store not working problem in Android by uninstalling the updates. You can uninstall the updates and revert back to the Old Play store or install the latest version. Sometimes, new updates happen to mess up the smooth working of Google Play store. To uninstall updates, go to App manager in Settings and then go to Google Play Store and move to Google play services-> Uninstall updates.

That’s it. This is how to fix Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped error in Android. Tell us in the comments which solution worked for you.

Fahad Saleem

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