Fix WhatsApp Not Working in Windows phone

WhatsApp is an important app nowadays which keeps people around the world connected with each other. Unfortunately, Windows phone users are facing the problem of WhatsApp App not working on their phone. They believe to have downloaded and installed the App properly but still, the problem persists. Below are the solutions you can try to fix WhatsApp not working in Windows phone.

Reinstall WhatsApp

Sometimes by simply deleting and reinstalling an App fix the issues. Go to your phone’s Settings and then go to App. Scroll down to WhatsApp and uninstall the App completely. Next, reinstall the App again from Microsoft Store. Please note that reinstalling an App deletes all the data related to the App. This should fix WhatsApp not working in Windows phone.

Restart Phone

Another simple solution you can try to fix WhatsApp App not working in Windows phone is to restart your phone. To restart your phone, press and hold the power button and volume button simultaneously until you feel a vibration (10 to 15 seconds), then release the buttons. Your phone will restart automatically. Another way to restart the phone is to turn it off completely by pressing the power button. Then, turn on the device again after 10-15 seconds.


WhatsApp Backup

Connect your phone to a PC. In your phone or SD card there will be a folder named ‘WhatsApp Backup’, copy it to your PC and delete it from your phone. Then, try opening the WhatsApp App. If the App starts working perfectly fine, copy the backup folder back to your phone.


Internal Memory

Make sure when you are downloading and installing the WhatsApp App, it should be installed in the internal memory, not the SD card. By installing the App in internal memory, it would fix WhatsApp not working in Windows phone.

WhatsApp Beta

To fix WhatsApp not working in Windows phone, you can download the beta version of the WhatsApp App. Uninstall the already installed WhatsApp App on your phone. Go to WhatsApp Beta version website here on your Windows phone using the browser. Finally, install WhatsApp Beta from the website.

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