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Fix White Screen in MacBook Pro, Mac Crashing Problems

by Fahad Saleem

A lot of users have reported crashes and white screen of death problem in MacBook pro and iMac and Mac. There are a number of reasons behind this problem. The good news is that you can fix MacBook pro crashes and white screen problem. Here are all the possible solutions which you should try to get the job done.

Fix White Screen in MacBook Pro, Mac

First Fix

Turn of your Mac or MacBook pro off by using the power button. You should also unplug all the ports. Take out all the charging cables, powercords, audio jacks and USBs.

Now press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds.

Now you can plus the power cable in and also you can plug in all the USBs and other cables in the Mac.

Now press the following keyboard combination


Press and hold the above keys at the same time.

Turn on the Mac; keep holding the keys until you hear the second chime. As soon as you hear the second chime, release the keys.

That’s it. This would fix MacBook pro white screen problem.

Second Fix

You can also run your Mac or MacBook Pro in safe mode to fix the crash and white screen issues.

In order to run Mac in safe mode, turn it off and then turn it on by pressing the power button and shift key together.

 Now Turn on your computer by pressing the power key while holding down the Shift key. Release the shift key as soon as you see the Apple logo. When the computer completely boots, restart it and hopefully this time you will not face the white screen issue.

Running the disk utility is also a good fix to White screen of death MacBook pro problems. Turn off Mac and then wait for a few seconds. Then turn on Mac and hold the command and R keys until you see the Apple logo. You will see “Mac OS X Utilities”. From there select the disk utility feature and then select the disk which you want to check.

Third Fix

There is an amazing trick shared by a user on a forum using which he was able to fix MacBook pro white screen problem.

Turn off your Mac and then turn it on and press the Command and S keys to boot in single user mode.

You will see a terminal on the screen. Type the following command on it and press return.

fsck -fy

Now type mount –uw and press Return key.

Type touch /private/var/db/ .AppleSetupDone and press Return key.

 Type exit and press Return key.

These were some of the ways to fix white screen Macbook pro or Mac issues. You can also solve Mac crashing problem using the above tricks. In case you were still unable to solve the problem, feel free to comment on this post with error details and I will get back to you with some other solutions.

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