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Fix Windows Startup Repair Stuck in Loop and Taking Too Long Problem

Fix Windows Startup Repair Stuck in Loop and Taking Too Long Problem

Windows startup repair taking too long problem occurs when the system is unable to reach the OS kernel because of the endless boot loop. The bootable screen is followed by the startup screen and then the loop starts which never ends. You can fix Windows startup repair stuck problem by using a free tool and using the native functionality of Windows.

Fix Windows Startup Repair Stuck in Loop

Using CMD and Native Startup Recovery Tools

For this step, you will need the Windows installation DVD or CD in order to boot from it. When you put the DVD/CD in your computer and boot the computer, the system will say you to Press any key to boot from DVD. You should do so. Select your language and click Repair your computer


Now, a list of installed operating systems will be showed. Select Windows 7, Windows 8 and proceed.

A screen of recovery tools will be shown. Click  Use recovery tools that can help fix problems with Windows and select ‘Startup Repair’.

If you already have a pre-installed recovery partition, boot to the Advanced Boot Options screen, select Repair your computer and tap Enter.

Now select language, give username and password and select the Startup Repair in the System Recovery Options screen.

This should fix Windows startup repair taking too long problem If not, a window will be popped up telling that Startup repair couldn’t solve the problems. Proceed to the next step to try another solution.

Under the pop-up windows telling that Startup repair could not work, click View advanced options for system recovery and support to return to System Recovery Options, and click command prompt.

Command line interface will be shown.

Type C: and press Enter. Type DIR and press Enter to see if you are in the right place: where the Windows is installed. The list appeared should have Program Files, Users and Windows folders.

Now we need to change the directory. For that, type CD \windows\system32\config

Now type DIR and see if the correct contents are listed as follows”:







Now enter MD mybackup. This would create a backup folder. Enter copy *.* mybackup

to copy everything to this location.

Enter CD RegBack and then type DIR and Enter. You must have these things in the contents listed.

DEFAULT, SAM and SECURITY files, each around 262,000 bytes

SOFTWARE file, around 26,000,000 bytes

SYSTEM file, around 9,900,000 bytes

Enter copy *.* .. [must enter the two dots too]


Select Yes to overwrite and type Exit and Enter.


Now come back to the systems recovery window. Click Restart and let the PC reboot. Windows startup repair taking too long problem must be fixed now.

 Using a Free Tool

If you feel overwhelmed because of the complex command prompt process above, you can choose the easy way to fix Windows startup repair taking too long problem. You can solve endless running boot loop of Windows 8 and Windows 7 by using the Easy Recovery Essentials. You will not need a Windows Cd/DVD for this method. However, you will need to burn the .iso image of this tool to a CD/DVD and boot the PC from that bootable CD.

Once you burn the easy recovery essentials, boot from it and select Automated Repair and Click Continue.

After the scan, choose the drive where your Windows is installed and Select ‘Automated Repair.

After the process is completed, click ‘Restart’. This is how to fix Windows startup repair stuck and taking long problem in Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Download Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows

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