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Fix YouTube App Sound Delay, Audio Video Out of Sync in Android [Guide]

by Fahad Saleem

Almost everyone of us has uses YouTube to watch videos. Billions of people are now using YouTube on mobile. YouTube apps for iPhone and Android are very popular, and they have stacked a lot of users. Android app for YouTube has been facing hiccups recently. A lot of users reported YouTube app sound delay problem in which sound and video are not synched properly. Sound lags in YouTube app in Android and video goes forward, making the video watching experience really bad. Here are some of the ways to fix audio video out of sync in YouTube app problem. Let’s get started.

Fix YouTube App Sound Delay, Audio Video Out of Sync

Enable nuPlayer from Developer Options

Go to Developer options in your Android device. You can go to developer options by first tapping 7 times on the “Build Number” which is in the About Device option. You can find the about device option from the settings menu. After tapping 7 times, Developer Options will be enabled and you will see an icon of it just above the About Device option. Now go to the Developer options and enable nuplayer and restart the phone. This is a great way to fix sound delay in YouTube app problems.



By default, most of the latest Android device like Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7 use the AwesomePlayer. But this player is known to give many sound issues. You should enable the nuplayer by following the instructions above and see if this works.

Reboot the Device

Turn off your Android device, wait for a few minutes and then turn it on. This will release the process threads consumed by the video files and things will be started as normal.

Switch to Full Screen

When you switch the video to Full Screen, the video audio out of sync problem is solved. Try this and if it still doesn’t work, move on to the next solution.

Do Not Use YouTube app Via Bluetooth

It is important to note that if you are using Bluetooth or slow 3G, 4G LTE for using the YouTube app, you are likely to get the sound delay issues. Bluetooth gives close to 100ms and 600ms of audio delay, which adds the delay of the native device lags. This makes the audio, video out of sync visible to the users. Do not use YouTube app via Bluetooth if you want to experience smooth play.

Clear YouTube App Cache

There is another solution to the audio out of sync problem of Android. You should clear cache for the YouTube app. Clearing the cache will release the processing video variables for the app and clear the resources. You should then restart the device. If you do not know how to clear cache for YouTube or any other Android, check out our easy guide on clearing cache for apps in Android.

That’s it. This is how to fix YouTube audio video out of sync and sound delay problems. In case you are still facing the problems, comment on this post with the details of the issue.


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