Fixed Unfortunately Recommended App Has Stopped In Android



Most of the Android users have come across this “Unfortunately, recommended app has stopped” notification on their phones usually after an upgrade from an older version of Android to a later version.

The notification could pop-up when you insert a head phone into the audio jack or may be at any other time during the normal use. The error also comes while running normal apps, games. The message is of course annoying and always causes a disturbance. Below we suggest some measures to help get rid of the frustrating ‘Unfortunately, recommended app has stoppedmessage in Android devices.

Fixed Unfortunately Recommended App Has Stopped

Take Backup First

It is highly recommended that whenever you upgrade your Android system software, do a backup of your device and then go for the upgrade. Thereby, you could factory reset the phone afterwards and then restore the data.

But in case you do not want to go for a full back up and restore option before upgrading your phone, here are a couple of ways to solve the issue.

Clearing the Cache

If you are running an Android version 4.2 or later than that, clearing the cache is quite an easy task.

Go to Settings à  Storage and tap Cached Data. It’ll ask if you want to clear the Cached Data, go ahead and do it.

If however, you are running an Android version on your device that is older than 4.2, then you’ll have to follow these steps to be able to clear your cache.

Switch off your phone.

Press and hold all these buttons together: VOLUME UP+HOME Button+ POWER BUTTON.

The phone will vibrate, at this: release the POWER Button but keep on holding the other two buttons, i.e., VOLUME UP & HOME BUTTON.

Thereafter when you see a boot screen with blue writing on it, release all the buttons.

In the list of options available on this scree, select Wipe Cache Clean using VOLUME UP/DOWN key, pressing POWER button to confirm at the end.

The Cache will be cleaned up and the same menu will persist on the screen.

It’s time to reboot the device, which is available as an option on the screen. Select it and the device will reboot giving you a clean cache.

Sometimes, only clearing the cache does the job and no more do you have to face “Unfortunately, recommended app has stopped” message.

Turning the Recommended App Notification Off

There is however another trick which has been found to work for many Android users who faced this issue.

Go to the Settings app and further onto Device tab.

Here you’ll find a ‘NOTIFICATION PANEL’ with a switch allowing you to turn ‘Recommended Apps’ On or Off.

If the recommended apps section is turned Off, turn it On, otherwise turn it off and then On after waiting a few minutes.

We hope that it helped you solve your problem.


Image: AndroidPit

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