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Fleex: New Platform That Lets You Learn English Using Netflix Shows and Movies

by Fahad Saleem

Learning another language, especially English, is becoming a matter of quintessential importance these days. Knowing English in the interconnected world of today could do wonders: it can open you up for communication with millions of people, you will be able to understand the truckloads of knowledge that is available in English. If you travel, your life becomes easier if you know English. But going to classes, learning grammar and minute boring details seems quite tedious a task. This is where Fleex comes in, a company which has come up with a unique and innovative way of learning English using Netflix. Yes! Netflix.


Perhaps the best way to learn a language is to add fun to the learning process. Otherwise you will get bored of the stressful process, and your motivation will die down. The idea of Fleex is simple: you select your favorite TV show or movie on Netflix, play it and the platform will show you your native language subtitles and English subtitles, so that you could make a connection between the words of your native language or English. With the passage of time, the service will take out the native subtitles, and you will focus on the English subtitles only. Then, later on, Fleex removes the subtitles and you get to understand the movie in English. You can, of course, take the control and turn on subtitles again. This is a great way of learning a new language. There are millions of people in the world who are willing to learn English, as this language is a key to jobs, learning and communication.


Fleex was recently acquired by Reverso, who is integrating a lot of new features in the services. You can also pause the video and search a specific English word in the service using the Reverso context service.


Fleex comes at a nominal cost of around 6 euros a month or 39 euros a year.


You can use Netflix content and TED talks to learn English. The service is using the Netflix HTML 5 browser integration to add subtitles over the content.


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