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by Fahad Saleem An Amazing Service To Enhance Your Twitter Experience
Twitter has become a paramount element in the modern social media evolution. Virtually all of the famous brands, personalities and business find it important to have a strong presence via Twitter. Having become an apex of the social media, it is also important you understand that it is in your best interest to use it smartly and efficiently. For instance, personally I am currently following more than 800 people on Twitter, this helps me keep afloat on the trends with modern technology, news and buzzes.

It has become really hard to follow every news and tweets because by the time you are scrolling down half way on your screen, there are already more than 200 tweets pending, which calls on you to check on them. More often than not, most people leave the contents below and start again from upwards and you simply end up losing on the information below.

Equally there is no easy way of following the people that matters to you most or those from whom you stand to benefit the most. You can say there is no keyword based smart search option in the conventional Twitter application. That was true, before the arrival of the this is an amazing web based tool that allows you make use of Twitter smartly and will boost your business in no time. is the intellectual property of two tech savvy developers , Jon Kolman and Martin Røed. Kolman and Røed came up with the, during just one weekend when they were thinking of unleashing their technical abilities to develop some kind of service that will let business, individuals and organization use Twitter in a completely customized way.

flock 1


flock 2 comes with amazing features:

  • You can follow any given number of users by simply using the # (hashtag).
  • Follow what is currently trending, by simply using the # (hashtag) to follow everyone posting anything to do with what you have # (hashtagged).
  • Unfollow anyone who is not making any active interactions with you on the Twitter platform: saving you time and space.
  • “Automagically” favorite tweets with just one click. About 2.4% of the tweets you favorite will result in a follow-back. is rolling out in the Beta version.

For further information on using the services click here.

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