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Fluent Forever – a new language learning app breaks Kickstarter records

by Felix Omondi

Whether for work or just for fun, most people would like to speak a number of languages. The problem is, adults have a hard time learning a new language; it is not as easy as when we were young. Well, there is “always an app for that,” you have had the option of Duolingo and Memrise. Now, you got a new app, Fluent Forever, and it is already taking Kickstarter by storm.

Created by Gabriel Wyner, a multilinguistic opera singer and author of the Fluent Forever, a book for folks looking to learn a new language. Wyner designed the Fluent Forever app having in mind that he has come up with an innovative way to overcome any challenged people face when they’re trying to learn a new language.

Wyner says that instead of getting people into thinking of translating each individual word, they need to build up new associations between concepts and have a memory of a large number of foreign words. They can then access these words whenever they are trying to think of a particular word.

Fluent Forever has always focused on memory as the primary barrier to language learning. Not grammar, not listening comprehension, but memory. When I say ‘camera,’ your brain lights up with thousands of associated images, sounds, and words, said Wyner during an interview with Digital Trends.

Camera connects with iPhone and DSLR and shutter and lens. It connects with photographs you’ve seen throughout your life and the ‘shutter’ sound on your cell phone. It has grammatical associations: You might use a camera to shoot a photograph. You might see a cameraman on the news. You are never going to forget the English word ‘camera,’ because you have so many associations with that word.”

Wyner says when most people learn a new language they don’t do this; which makes it very easy for you to forget the foreign word(s) you picked up. That is the selling point Fluent Forever is fronting out there for people exploring their options of means to learn a new language. For your information, the app works on a subscription basis.

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