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FlyCleaners: Amazing On-Demand Laundry Smartphone App

by Fahad Saleem

Find it hard to do the laundry yourself? Are you the lazy couch potato who doesn’t like to take the clothes to the laundry shop? We have an amazing app to share with you today that will take care of all your laundry problems. FlyCleaners is probably the best dry cleaning and laundry app to date in the town. Available for both iOS and Android, FlyCleaners is based on the most innovative idea I have ever seen. FlyCleaners is an on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning app that lets you order the laundry with an amazing set of customizations and the FlyCleaners team pick the clothes from your doorstep within an hour.

The amazing and easy to use interface of FlyCleaners app lets you select and customize the way your precious clothes will be washed. Amazing isn’t it! You can select the number of folds, type of water, quantity of washing powder and much more. Be it midnight, early hours of the morning or business hours, you can just open your phone, tap a few time and make an order. The vigilant team of FlyCleaners will authenticate and confirm the order within minutes and rush towards your place to take your clothes.


  • On-Demand Pick-up and Delivery: You can schedule anytime for the pick and drop service for your clothes from the FlyCleaners mobile app. 
  • Customized Laundry and Dry-Cleaning: The FlyCleaners app offers you different ways from which you can select exactly how your clothes will be cleaned.
  • Track Your Status: Track the status of your clothes. Whether they’re arriving at the cleaners, or ready for delivery, you’ll always be in the know.


  • Competitive Pricing: FlyCleaners offers premium service without the surcharge. No extra pickup and delivery fees.
  • Drivers You Can Trust: All drivers are subject to background checks and are trained and hired by FlyCleaners.

FlyCleaners_0005_Home_-New-Order,-Dropdown FlyCleaners_0004_Home_-New-Order,-Time

David Salama is the CEO and Co-Founder of FlyCleaners. Recently, Salama announced that FlyCleaners has raised $2-million in seed funding from a group of private investors and Zelkova Ventures. “We have taken technology commonly used for high-tech enterprises and applied it to the laundry and dry cleaning industry,” said Salama.


Visit Website of FlyCleaners for more information.

Download FlyCleaners for iOS

Download FlyCleaners for Android



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