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Folx : Free Download Manager For Mac


Folx helps all users to download videos. It acts as a download manager and a torrent client for Mac. Users all over the world have appreciated the application and have called it to be a big gift and hence Folx slowly has gained humongous popularity. Users since forever have found it difficult to directly download videos on Mac and hence Folx has made the job extremely easy as it displays the ability to download diverse files across HTTPS, HTTP or FTP at soaring speed.

Folx is a completely free of charge download manager for macOS users; it also has a Mac-style interface which offers convenient download, management and flexibility in settings option along with a completely different user-friendly system. Folx stores and sorts all the downloaded content in a particular folder and hence locating the same is very easy. It also permits the users to manage the torrents overall, which makes it a more than average application for downloads.

Features Of Folx

Allowing the users to directly search the atoms from the torrents, Folx has many other vibrant and new features on display. Let us know a few:

Folx is software which is wholly agreeable with macOS Catalin, unlike other applications which might not easily work on it.

Folx allows its user to directly search the contents such as music, broadcast, specifics, files, etc. from its in-built tab. Hence a person does not require to use another window for a torrent detector site. Folx search for torrent trackers lists as alike supplementary browsers making the job easy. A user can directly go on the search bar on the application and search for videos as it searches on a google tab. All links will pop up and the user can select the one which is suitable for him.

Folx allows users to adjust the speed of the download. If a user wishes to lower or raise the speed as the traffic, Folx does it automatically. This option further allows the user to surf the internet with ease while Folx in the background adjusts the speed. It uses 10 download threads for surging the speed of the download.

Folx saves an unlimited number of passwords for HTTP websites, private trackers, FTP, etc. giving relaxation to users to not to retype the password again and again. 

Folx is a quick functioning uTorrent alternative for Catalina. Its inbuilt function is to seed, download and do both work concomitantly at a specific time picked by the user.

Folx also have alternative options. Users can cherry-pick the option from the settings and liberate the task of re-visiting the application.  Also, Folx downloads videos via proxy setting giving it an additional benefit.

Users can use the splitting the download option which sets a particular time to begin and complete the downloading. Next when the splitting is done the user has the option to shut the system down or letting it go to sleep mode or completely vacating the Folx application as the download is accomplished. Folx can assist the downloading option to split up-to twenty threads because collective threads can make the download speed up considerably.

Folx grants marking the files in line with their category by automation. This way, the images would not be jumbled with any document. Also, it is very much practicable to set a spot of a dedicated folder for each tag is the user finds it necessary. To user’s surprise, distinctive tagging option is additionally handy on Folx’s software.

Folx can be commanded to download music along with videos mechanically. It at the same time allocates them by transforming to the user’s playlist as per the badge given to each download beforehand.

The fancy refreshed interface of Folx is gaining the attention towards the application and hence makers are gaining popularity for bringing such amazing software.

Folx is a stable application with a lot of features allowing users to configure it in almost any way they wish. We strongly recommend the use of the same for downloading videos on your Macbook!

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