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Food Builder Generates Nutrition Facts for Your Meals From Ingredients

by Fahad Saleem

Food Builder Generates Nutrition Facts for Your Meals From Ingredients

To keep your health intact, it is very important that you pay close attention to what you eat, how much you eat and what things are beneficial for your health. Nutritional fact labels are really handy and important as a general guide to the health contents of the food that you consume. Things you buy from the market do contain nutritional information, but your home cooked meals did not come with the labels until now. Thanks to the introduction of Food Builder now you can have nutritional information regarding your home prepared meals. Food builder allows you to input the ingredients of the meal you plan to cook into  individual plates and then you will be awarded with a  nutrition label of what you are serving per meal.

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Food builder has an in built database for you to choose ingredients from, and it is assumed that the database will grow with time. It likewise lets you tally your own ingredients and their respective health contents by using the slide bar. After you have launched the app, tap on the blank list to add ingredient to your first plate, you then have to give your plate a name. There are two ways of adding elements into your plate first, you can use the search bar located at the upper side and choose the respective ingredient from the tilt. Once you have chosen the ingredient, you then have to select the quantity in which you will be using in gram units.

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The second method for selecting the ingredients is; you tap on the action bar and a navigation drawer will be opened containing a list of ingredient categories. Tab on the category and select the ingredients you are looking for, enter the quantity. Continue to duplicate this procedure until all your ingredients are added to the plate and once you have tallied all the required ingredients tab on the arrow placed on the action bar and see your complete plate. You can swipe up to get nutritional information regarding your plate.


You can download Food Builder From Here


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