Food Ordering Market place hits 5 Million Downloads, Making Over Half of Orders through Mobile Devices

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Food Ordering Market place hits 5 Million Downloads, Making Over Half of Orders through Mobile Devices

Hellofood with its affiliated brands Foodpanda, and Delivery Club, has recorded five million downloads of its native mobile applications. Lately the company has continuously increased its focus on mobile, after releasing its next generation food ordering app in July.

The app is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices in over 40 markets across five continents. It has been featured by Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.

The mobile share has been increasing consistently since the first app was released in 2013. Globally, the Hellofood app has been downloaded most on Android devices with 62% of the app being installed on this operating system. Especially in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America the number of Android installs is considerably higher than the number of iOS installs.

Nonetheless, Apple users seem to be the customers with the bigger appetite: In all regions in which Hellofood is present, Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, the number of food orders from iOS devices is slightly higher than the one from Android users.

Joe Falter, CEO of Hellofood Africa sees the milestone of 5 million app downloads as proof that the future lies in mobile: “We are living through a revolution in tech, in Africa – mobile technology is changing the way people lead their lives, and it’s no longer restricted to expensive handsets and big cities.

Mobile is already the most important channel for media and online services in many of Hellofood’s African markets and we’re incredibly excited to be playing a role in this. Smartphones are the primary device and fits our strategy to offer food delivery and take-away at any time, for everyone and everywhere. The future of food ordering is mobile.

Ordering food on mobile devices is even more convenient than on desktop computers. The foodpanda, Hellofood and Delivery Club apps offer all features that are available on the website. Customers can easily pay mobile or cash on delivery, reorder their favourite dishes, see food pictures, reviews and ratings, as well as special offers from a large variety of restaurants. The app also allows customizing your meals just like in the restaurant by choosing, replacing or adding the toppings of choice.

About Hellofood

Hellofood together with its affiliated brands foodpanda and Delivery Club, is the leading global online food delivery marketplace, active in more than 40 countries on five continents. The company enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with a constantly evolving online technology. For consumers, hellofood offers the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range, from which they can choose their favorite meal on the web or via the app.

Hellofood operates in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Algeria. Delivery Club operates in Russia. Foodpanda operates in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Serbia.

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