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For Blue Yeti Nano Snowball iCE Best Budget Tonor Heavy Duty Clamp



Blue Yeti Nano or Snowball iCE is no stranger among gamers and streamers. Yet, for the ultimate quality, we can’t cross out the supporting accessories like mic clamps. That’s why we are here for Blue Yeti Nano Snowball iCE best budget TONOR heavy duty clamp.

Purchasing a microphone clamp is not a big deal. The real challenging part is to find the most suitable one among hundreds of products on the market. The following article will help you gain a deep understanding of this issue. Let’s get started!

Why Should You Invest In A 3rd-Party Mic Clamp?

Though both Blue Yeti Nano and Snowball iCE come with a “free” stand, we have to say that it doesn’t bring much of a benefit.

Poor Noise Absorption

These stands might look compact and cute, yet it is super sensitive to any vibrations, meaning that they will sense and “draw in” unexpected ambient sounds. These unwanted noises will then be transferred to the microphone, which we bet no one loves to hear.

Size And Weight

Being cute little stands are also their shortcoming. You have no weight to extend them but can just put them in tabletops. Lack of adjustability should never be on the flaw list of a mic stand. That’s not to mention its considerable footprint on the desk.

This is when a mic clamp comes in, providing both flexibility and stability without taking much room.

Buying Guide Of Best Clamp For Blue Yeti Nano and Snowball iCE

1. Compatibility

Polar pattern

The first and foremost thing you need to consider before making a final buying decision is its compatibility with your mic. If you look over this small thing, you might end up with the mounting screw that can’t fit into the mic screw hole. All your money will go down the drain.

Luckily, both Blue Yeti Nano and Blue Snowball iCE come with the 5/8-inch male screw hole, so mark this number in your mind when buying. In the worst-case scenario, you can count on an adapter for a 3/8-inch female to a 5/8-inch male.

For the best sounding effect, we suggest investing in an extra pop filter to filter out the emitting noise coming with the mount.

2. Ward Off Shock Waves

This factor will directly affect your experience with your mic, so you should think carefully beforehand.

There will be no place free of ambient sounds. Even when you are streaming or recording in a room devoid of surrounding noises, your small gestures like kicking the table/chair or typing on your laptop can generate noises. A poor-quality stand will detect and channel unwanted sounds to the mic rather than absorb them.

That’s why you should aim at mic clamps with shock mounts to absorb unexpected vibrations from the surroundings.

3. Solid and Flexible

A decent clamp must be sturdy enough to keep the mic stable. Even a little wobbling can ruin your recording session. Keep an eye on the materials like steel and aluminum rather than cheap flimsy plastic.

As mentioned, one of the points to switching to a 3rd-party clamp is the lack of adjustability of the Blue Yeti Nano, and Snowball iCE mic stands. This time, let’s invest in a clamp with utmost flexibility, such as 360-degree rotation and extension abilities.

4. Weight Load

The Blue Yeti Nano and Snowball iCE measure about 1 to 1.5 pounds in weight. So, you need to buy a stand or clamp that can withstand this load.

5. Price

There are different factors affecting the price range of a mic stand or clamp. Fortunately, the price could be the last thing you need to worry about. Most clamps come at an affordable price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Still, a truly economical clamp should strike the most balance between price and quality. That’s why we’ll introduce you to the TONOR heavy-duty clamp!

For Blue Yeti Nano Snowball Ice Best Budget TONOR Heavy Duty Clamp

You can absolutely rack up a professional yet budget-friendly clamp without spending a fortune! But how comes? This Tonor T20 Microphone Boom Arm will give you the exact helpful answer!

Source: Amazon


  • Weight: 1.8lbs
  • Rotation angle: 360°
  • Max horizontal/ vertical length: 27.6 inches/ 700mm
  • Material: steel
  • Adapter: ⅜-inch female to ⅝-inch male adapter
  • Maximum weight supporting: 4lbs/ 1.8kg
  • Attachment thread: standard ⅜ inches thread


It is always the external that catches your sight in the first place. Speaking of which, the T20 comes with a reasonably common boom arm mic stand design.

It features a base for you to secure it into your desk like every other model. The boom arm might have a slight distinction with two pieces for adjusting to place your microphone wherever you wish to.

The color is also quite a trivial taste with black all over it, even the arm rods, which are composed of steel.

Besides, there are many other accessories as well. We have to say that when it comes to these side gadgets, TONOR never gets stingy with their customers.

Here is the all set you can grab once purchasing this product, including a mic clip, a ⅜-inch to ⅝-inch adapter, a pop filter, a desk clamp, a foam cover, a manual, a cable tie, and an after-sales card. A Shock mount is also in the package for better ambient noise absorption.

Now comes the performance. The TC20 really impressed us with its flexibility and durability, considering its steel construction and 360-degree rotation. It was vastly adaptable in the sense that you are able to position both mics up to six inches away from your lips.

Whether you let it work together with Snowball iCE or the Yeti Nano, which was quite a big-sized and hung up, or the TC-777, which was modest and hung down, the satisfied upshots will be on the way anyhow!

To be honest, though it is not fully flawless (of course), this worth of money truly has us astounded admirably over weeks of our testing. Buy it on Amazon right away!

Quick Rundown


  • Extremely sturdy.
  • 5/8 adapter and pop filter are included.
  • Plenty flexible.
  • Several accessories attached.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Compatible with multiple kinds of microphones.
  • A value for money.
  • Moving without making any noise
  • Inexpensive boom arms yet go with the most clamp area.


  • There is no lock to adjust the 360-degree movement.
  • Not be able to extend fully with lightweight microphones connected.


After reading this article, we hope that you are confident to opt for your favorite microphone stand. It is advisable to carefully consider all the above aspects before jumping to a final conclusion.

If you find it difficult to make up your mind, our suggestion is a good idea to start with. It is a safe bet for both your wallet and experience with many great features to easily support you.

Hurry up and get the best deal for yourself on Amazon: TONOR heavy-duty clamp.

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