Forget Swimming With The Sharks, Now You Can Sleep With Them On

Forget Swimming With The Sharks, Now You Can Sleep With Them On lists one of the coolest undersea lodges in Africa.

Activities abound for adventurists who seek to explore the unthinkable in A bid to satisfy their curiosity. If you seek solitude, the Deep Ocean Lodge might not be the place for you.

This is the place for the invincible free spirit, and has attracted Angelina Jolie of the Brad fame amongst other celebrities. Of course it would be hard to get a grasp of the directions if your daily vocabulary does not constitute terms such as nautical and maritime. All said, this bucket-list destination is close to Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. The six exclusives sea suites  are underwater, and in place of star-lit skies, you have the colorful and dazzling coral reef. To get there, guests have to board a small submarine for a 40 minute submerge to the lodge. “We are very proud to open the first hotel completely underwater “  said Paul Midy CEO of, “I love diving and I always dreamed to have a place like this for the divers and the ocean lovers”

The 2-nights package goes for about US $10,000. Not that anyone will want to sleep while here, you already have the dream!

For the “Ocean-mantics”

There is more to an unforgettable proposal than the breeze and the sand, you can now have the sea turtles and the octopus for your backdrop!

And in place of little pebbles pressing on your knees, the sea floor will be your new limit.

The eco-lodge provides a small chapel and couples may need to cater for the costs of the marriage officiate.

Sharks as big as 10 feet…

To some it’s a nightmare, to others it’s the ultimate life achievement; you can now sleep with the sharks, or maybe just dive with these gentle giants in their unpolluted habitat. You do not even need to spend a night for you to spot a shark as big as 10 feet floating a few meters away from you as they swim oblivious to the surrounding.

This undersea lodge is so unique!!

It is the first of its kind, you get to ride with the turtles before they go extinct. Secret scientific backing has come from credible sources that turtles will be extinct faster than you can say “April Fool’s Day” This is a lifetime experience! Tourists are already streaming in.

And there you have your definite playground the Ocean!

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