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Forgot Android Password: How To Bypass Android Lock Screen, Pattern and PIN

by Fahad Saleem

Almost everyone of us uses some kind of security, password in their smartphones. But what if you forget the lock screen pattern, password or the pin code in your Android phone? In this article, I will mention some tips and tricks using which you could bypass the lock screen and get access to your Android phone. The guide is only for the purpose of helping others who are in trouble regarding their own phones. One must not use this guide to break in the phones of others.

Unlock Android Phone and Bypass Lock Screen and Password

If you are using the pattern lock on your Android phone, you can try to unlock your phone by using patterns by trying to remember the exact pattern you set at the first place. After five tries, the phone will lock itself up for the next 30 seconds. Just under the screen, tap the ‘forgot pattern’ under the pattern on the lock screen.

When you set the pattern for locking your Android, the system asks for a PIN. If you remember it, the problem ends here as by giving the PIN, you will be directed back to the lock screen to set a new pattern. Otherwise, tap the ‘forgot password’ option.

lock 1 lock 2 lock 3

Here, you must be connected to the internet. Android phone will use the Google account affiliated with the phone to restore the Android phone, otherwise things will get a little bit complex.

If you don’t remember pin, neither could connect to the internet and recover your phone using your Google account, here are the options you have.

What To Do If you don’t even remember PIN code

If you have a Samsung device, things will get easier. Samsung devices use a special account (if you have set it up) for every device.

Go to Find my mobile website.

Enter the Samsung account credentials.

unlock android 1 unlock android 3 unlock android 4 unlock android 5

From the left side pane, click ‘unlock my device’ and ‘unlock my screen’ options and the system will open the device lock screen remotely without even you touching your phone.

Using an app to unlock your Android Phone

The other option is to lax your pocket a little and use an app to unlock and bypass the Android lock screen. If you have a rooted device, there are many apps for this purpose. But if you own an unrooted device, Screen Lock Bypass is the best app to unlock the Android phone. It costs around $4. Just connect your phone with your PC, laptop and install the app and put it in your phone.

Take out the battery, plug in the charger and restart your device.

The device will boot up and give you an option to ‘activate’. Tap it and the device will come back to normal.

Factory Reset

The last option is to factory reset your Android phone, but that would remove all the data, contacts etc from your phone if you haven’t backed them up. You can take backup or proceed otherwise.

Start your phone in the recovery mode by restarting the phone and as soon as you see the manufacturers logo, press and hold “Home Button”, “Power Button” and “Volume button” (up in many cases)

You will see the following menu.

Tap Factory reset.

That’s it. This is how to bypass lock screen of Android phone and unlock it in case you have forgotten the security pin and pattern. Let us know in the comments if you have any problem.

Image courtesy Ubergizmo

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