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Forkable Anticipates Your Tastes and Delivers Your Food without You Ever Lifting A Finger

You must admit the ability to order food at the click of a button on your PC, or mobile device has been a blessing. It is a half an hour or so to lunch time, and you don’t have to walk out of your office. You simply order online, and the food walks through your office doors minutes later.

However, we have already gotten sick of food ordering apps and services. They make you have to choose what you want to eat. I mean our cars

are on the verge of driving us around, why should you have to sit there a whole minute picking which food to eat? Why can’t the food ordering serving become autonomous too and self-order the food we like when we like them?

Forkable the Autonomous food ordering service

Well, introducing Forkable. A new service designed to anticipate your tastes and preferences in the type of food you would like to have for lunch. Based on the data you give the systems, with regards to your dietary restrictions and preferences, Forkable will predict what food you would like to have each day.

Now, again imagine you are sited there in your office. You don’t even have to interrupt your work with thoughts of ‘which food am I going to order today?’ because such thoughts will kills your productivity. You will wonder away into the foodie worlds, and your concentration on work at hand will drop.

With Forkable, you never have to stop working to order food. When lunch time arrives, you see the food walking through your office door, and it is actually food you would like to it. The service anticipates your taste and each day serves you a different menu of food.

Feeding the team just got easier with Forkable

Then there is the issue of ordering food for the team. By letting the team worry about work at hand and the admin worrying about what they will need and when, as far as matters not-work-related are concerned.

Why make your life harder as the admin? Simply have each team members write down their food preferences and restrictions. Feed that information to Forkable, and forget about that role. The service will take up from there and serve each team member different set of meals each day based on their individual tastes.

You can also replace, customize or cancel your meal at the Forkable web interface so easily. Plus you get to rate meals served to you, that way the service learns your taste, preferences, and restrictions on an ongoing basis. For more information, head on to the site

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