Fortnite for Android now available for everyone without need for invites

fortnite for android

Gamers on Android devices can jump onto the Fortnite battleship right away. You no longer need to wait for someone at Epic Games to send you an invite so you can go on ‘wasting the bad guys.’

This development happened yesterday on Thursday when Epic Games announced that they opened up Fortnite beta to all compatible Android devices. As long as your device is compatible, you don’t need anyone to send you an invited.

Previously, Android users had to go online to Fortnite website on their phone to sign up and wait for an invite. After signing up, you had to wait patiently for an invite link sent to your email from Epic. But all that will be a thing of the past since yesterday, all you need to do is go online to using either your phone or computer. You can also scan a QR code.

All you need is a compatible Android phone. You can confirm if your current phone is compatible by checking the full list of Fortnite-compatible phones at this link. You would notice that you are not installing the game from the Google Play Store, as Epic Games made the decision to sidestep the app store. In order to get more control over the game, and not have to share revenue with Google. But that also leaves room to some security issues; app and games downloaded directly from Play Store enjoy with greater security levels from Google itself.

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