Founders Club: Tried and Tested Advice For Business Owners

Founders Club: Tried and Tested Advice For Business Owners

Every business owner has experienced difficulties when starting their business. Even businesses that have been running for years still go through hardships occasionally.

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Read further to find advice from other business owners on running their businesses.

Advice for Business Owners

Listed below are a few advice points that have been tried and tested for business owners.

  • Learn how to market business.

If you can do your own marketing, then attracting clients will be a breeze.

Suppose you want to gain more clients and have more people buying from your store. Knowing how to market your business is important.

Take small marketing courses to help you understand your market type and how to attract the kind of clients you want.

This will also save you on costs as you would not need to hire a marketing specialist to advertise your business and its products or services.

  • Always have a financial plan.

An important starting point of any business is having a financial plan in place. It should include how your business will get an income and how expenses are paid.

You also have to account for the daily expenses. These expenses are required to manage and run the business. Once you have a solid plan worked out, everything else should fall into place.

Constantly tweak your financial plan to meet business needs.

  • Be able to multitask

You will get a lot more done if you are someone who is able to multitask. This will also help reduce the costs of running the business as you can do most of the work.

  • Use free technology

Many business software needs subscriptions and renewals, which can cost the business money.

Using accessible technology software to do small tasks can help save you both time and money. You can use a free website to get your online business presence instead of paying for a domain.

Social media platforms are also considered accessible technology platforms that can be used as free marketing tools. These platforms will help you engage with your clients more easily and help you understand your competitor’s advertising campaigns.

  • Get payment upfront

Asking clients to pay a percentage of your business’s services as a deposit before they get the service done can help you secure your day-to-day expenses. It will also ensure that you get half of the payment beforehand.

To secure the money, you can establish that it is a non-refundable deposit so that even if the client cancels, you still make at least half of the money.

  • Connect with your customers and suppliers.

Connecting with your suppliers and customers is another proven method to keep your business running.

This will allow you to negotiate with your suppliers about their prices. It will also help you develop a relationship between yourself as a business owner and your customers. This way, they will keep them returning to your business to use your services and buy your products.

Another smart move would be to evolve with your customer. This means serving their interests and giving them the products and services they want when the industry introduces new products and services.

Focusing on your customer’s experiences shows them that the business cares for its customers.

  • Motivate your employees

Getting your employees excited about their work and encouraging them will help drive the business forward. Implement policies that benefit both employees and the company, such as team-building exercises and upskilling your staff to give your business an advantage over your competitors.

  • Be flexible and easily adaptable.

With constant changes within business markets and technology always needing a new update, you must be flexible and easily adaptable. This means you are willing to change a few things to meet the industry’s needs. It will help your business thrive in an ever-changing environment.

  • Hire the right people.

Hire people that are qualified to do the job and have the necessary experience. Employing people that are willing to be a part of a team and help perform extra tasks if necessary will improve the production of the business.


Having a business means more than being able to do quick problem-solving and keeping clients happy. You need to be able to look at all areas within your business and manage them all to gain sustainability.

Previous business owners have used the above advice, leading them to success. Use the best advice that fits your problem and use it to help you ensure your business runs smoothly.

Suppose you are a new business owner or find yourself in a pickle. The methods mentioned above can be used as a starting point to help you navigate difficulties and find solutions to any of your business problems.

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